Friday, April 22, 2011

Color Challenge: Week Twenty-five - Periwinkle

I love the color periwinkle - and the periwinkles that grew under my childhood window - but I didn't have much in my inventory for Periwinkle Week! The hair was the basis of the outfit, and everything else radiated out from there. Well, that and the desire to wear the shoes from Eclectica!


The hair is from DV8, Dreadful Steam in Periwinkle, and I love the combination of textured hair and ropy twists of hair into a striking updo. I love the cyber style of it - not my usual appearance, but enjoyable none the less. The updo is festooned with a couple of rings, making it appear as if the hair was almost metallic rather than... hairific.

I matched the hair with a dress from my eternal favorite, G Field, one of her Cocktail Dresses - Helen! I love the lacing down the back, and the flowers decorating the front at the waist and chest. The skirt is thigh length; long enough to be classy, but short enough to be flirty.

Fantastical View

The shoes are new Garden Party shoes from Eclectica. I love these shoes so amazingly much! I've been waiting for an outfit to slide them into, and this one seemed to fit the bill.They come in both a pattern dominated style, shown here, and where the pattern is in the trim and the main shoe is black. They come in a bunch of different colors, all of them vibrant without being oversaturated.

The necklace is from Deco, a store I don't often wear but which worked perfectly for this outfit. It's a double strand of pearls, hanging low enough to brush behind the roses of my dress. It fit perfectly, looking natural with the outfit. The bracelets are from Ticky Tacky, a fantastic jewelry store with whimsical designs. I love the mixing of small and medium beads which set the usual stack of rings apart from the rest. The stockings are from a new-to-me store Has Been, as part of the Demure lingerie set.

Finding Balance

I found the sim through the Destination Guide, which frankly I've been enjoying quite a bit in terms of finding new sims! Between that and Second Life of my Dreams, I don't think I'll ever run out of places to explore! Honestly, I'm amazed anew every day at the sheer creativity and amazing design in second life. One of the fun things about this sim was you could sit on all kinds of things! You could tightrope walk, or sit on a bed and take a tour, or even settled down in a tree and enjoy the sunset! Probably my favorite part was going about and trying to sit on things, to see all the things I could do! I rode the bed ship twice!

The other fun thing was these prim avatars floating around all over the place. At first, it was very disturbing to see a figure out in the distance and yet no green dot to correspond with it, but it wasn't long until I not only got used to it, but even rather enjoyed being around people who weren't actually people.

Dandilion Flight

( More pictures here. )


Eyes: Tacky Star, Pride
Ears: Illusions, Mystic Ear - Fairy
Skin: De La Soul, Charlie - Nude
Wings: Fancy Fairy, Azarelle
Hair: DV8, Dreadful Steam - Periwinkle
Dress: G Field, "Helen" Cocktail Dress - Lavender
Necklace: Deco, Black Pearl Double Strand
Bracelets: Ticky Tacky, Worship the Black Pearl bracelet
Stockings: Has Been, Demure Stockings
Shoes: Eclectica, Garden Party shoes, lilac

Location: Mysterious Wave
Light Settings: [TOR] Awwyeah
Water Settings: [TOR] Chivandria clair

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping only


  1. Love the outfit, that hair is gorgeous... and that's another place on my list of I must go sees!!!

  2. beautiful pics and an awesome outfit ;-)

  3. Aw you did a wonderful job! That's the second G Field I see.. why don't I ever remember that place?
    Here's another for your colllection:
    I found some great locations in there!

  4. Thanks so much, Rudhmellowen! I had fun riding on things there, to be honest. It would be a fun place to do with a group, I think!

    Thanks so much, Mayala!

    G Field is one of my favorites, Laura. I usually wear their shoes, but their clothing is just as high quality and I adore their roses.

  5. Beautiful job! I love your wings and the location is amazing!

  6. Thank you all so much! You're very sweet.

  7. Wow! Fantastic pictures! I love the sci-fi fantasy element you've got going on.