Sunday, April 17, 2011

Color Challenge: Week Twenty-four - Eggplant

I don't like to eat eggplant,but I actually had some in my inventory.

I don't know how many people know about the gatchas, but I spent a while utterly obsessed with them. I used to spend way too much, trying to get that complete set - finally I learned to focus on only a few, but it left me with an entire folder of things just for the purpose of giving them away.

One of these multi-gifts was Scribble's "Gathered Up" dresses - which come with a wide variety of prims you attach to make a bunch of different outfits. I made a long, scrunchity dress which I think I almost look elegant in. Fitting was a breeze, since the prims are sculpted and modifiable; it took me only a little while to stretch things to fit my shape.


I paired it with the Eclectica "Swoon" Gloves, which are completely delightful and something I'm finding it difficult to take off! Tiffy Vella has awesome customer service, as well. When I tried to fit and tint these gloves, I was stymied by the fact that although the gloves said modify ok, when I went to edit them they cruelly shut me down! I contacted Ms. Vella via notecard, and before I could blink she not only came down to check the sales display, but she gave me another set of the gloves! I was completely blown away at how kind she was about it.

Crying Over Spilt Bricks

The sim is Immersiva, which I've photographed in before, filled with the gorgeous creations of Bryn Oh. This time a new, more interactive element has been introduced. There are these rectangles that float around in the air, fascinating to watch as they inch through the air. However, if one of these run into you (or you do, as some might, run around the sim running into them) there is a soft chiming sound and BOOM! Bricks everywhere. I had entirely too much fun making piles of bricks. The one by the entrance actually plays out an entire plaintive song. If I'm not mistaken, it's similar to the song the Rabbicorn's musical box plays out, but I've been wrong before.

A second fun, interactive thing is a small television which floats up out of the water. If you stay very close to it, you can hear what sounds like a man's recording to a loved one. I'm not quite sure what it means, but his voice is so sweet as he explains how the machine had been broken, and how he's using up tapes to send to 'you,' whoever you happen to be.

Long Distance

The changes which are in place every time I return to Immersiva remind me of the long, slow process of change all of us undergo, often without even realizing it. We make choices, some big and some small, and those effect other things in our lives, changing who we are and what choices we'll make in the future. I spend a lot of my time in doubt, wondering if I'm making the right choices; wondering if other choices might not be better ones than the ones I make. It's exhausting to do so, to try to think through all of the consequences.

More and more, I'm trying to make choices that will make me happy in the short term - to live with integrity but in such a way that I don't injure myself for the sake of others. I don't know how successful I'll be at that - sometimes it seems like all I can do is hurt others - but I'm determined to try.

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Eyes: Tacky Soul, Pride
Skin: Curio, April - Rainbow 1
Wings: Fancy Fairy, Azarelle
Hair: Tukinowaguma, Ariana - gold with white roses (tinted)
Dress: Scribble, Gathered Up - Eggplant
Gloves and Collar: Eclectica, Swoon - Ivory
Stockings: Vextra Fashion, Sheer Stockings - white
Bracelet: Kyccie's, Hopeful Flower - Amethyst
Shoes: G Field, Ribbon Slingback Shoes - tinted

Location: Immersiva
Light Settings: [TOR] SCIFI - Lilack
Water Settings: [TOR] Freak-A-dermia (modified)

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping only


  1. I love the simplicity of the outfit, it is very elegant, yet still eye catching... With that background too it adds a gentleness to what could be harsh modern design, especially in the one with the telephone poles! Love it

  2. definately goota check out Immersiva soon
    nice pics and outfit ;-)

  3. Thank you, Rudhmellowen. It's a fantastic outfit; I'm kind of glad I ended up with a bunch!

    Oh Immersiva is fantastic, Mayala. I tend to go back every month or two.