Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fantasy Faire: Enchanted Mysts

The Enchanted Mysts totally lives up to its name, being a misty and dreamy landscape with soothing water flowing through and little pockets of delight here and there for the visitor to enjoy. I particularly liked the pale stone with the simple landscaping - soft shades of blue and green and gray, with the occasional flair up of teal really set the backdrop for mists, stores, and avatars alike.

Amazing Pastel Flower

This gorgeous flower was actually inside of one of the stores, but I saw it and fell in love. I think I like the flowers all over these sims the most - though again, my perennial lament that I couldn't sit on it. The glow was simply charming, though; a little lens flairtastic, but somehow the unfocused light seems to suit the feel of the sim in general. I love the pastel leaves on this, though - simply gorgeous.


The central feature is a lovely open lake edged with the buildings surrounding the edges. Out onto the lake is a gorgeous, broken down bridge - you have to jump or fly to get to the glowing ball at the far end (I photographed it in another picture not shown here). I love the shape of the lights and their moving glow - the teal really stands out against the softness of the rest of the features - a hint at some hidden mystical past we may never be able to discover.

Angelic Guardian

The sim fade here wasn't as smooth as in some of the other sims - the style of the Forest of Light being very different - but I think the lovely little ponds festoon with lilies and moss-covered trees is entrancing enough to distract the eye. Another feature all over Enchanted Mysts are these faintly glowing statues of angels doing various things; this one is, of course, holding aloft a torch to light our way into this new place.

Water's Edge

I love the little gatherings of cattails and lilies. The combination always reminds me of my grandparent's lake, which they had to dredge if we were to go into the large body of water for fishing. Lilies always covered the edges, creeping up against the cat tails and sometimes seeming to climb them! I did my first sailing there - very unsuccessfully - and learned to fish and gut a fish. Grandma would cook the fish we caught that morning, and it ruined me for fish in restaurants for years because I could always taste the fishy that comes when fish is frozen. Both of my grandparents are gone, now, but I like how little things can bring them back in my mind and remind me of the frustrating and wonderful roots of my family.

Time for Mushrooms

I absolutely adored these mushrooms with the giant watch. The butterflies actually move (one sad thing about static pictures is that the truly enchanting moving parts of these sims simply don't come across as well as I'd like. Sometime I might learn to take video just so I can incorporate it into these records!) and are beautifully colored. I totally want those wings and a dress to match! Something kind of dropping and artistic while still retaining the elegance black always seems to impart.

Natural Decay

I should mention the outfit - though of course you've seen it before! This is Sa-eela's Smira Chalwar, which is one of the outfits I reviewed for the Fantasy Faire. You'll see the kirtle in another post, but the camisk is far too... not covering for me to wear when prancing around a sim, even if nothing ever rezzes. I'd simply DIE. I love the chalwar for bouncing about, though - it's very low prim, and I felt hardly any lag despite being in a faire situation, which is always a laggy sort of place.

Mystical Gateway

This picture is a reminder for me! When I have time, I want to go back and poke around this, see if it goes anywhere and if I can find anything hidden. I swung by quickly on my first time through, but looking at it in pictures it looks like the kind of place secrets are held. I love the use of glow here, as well, adding something truly mystical.

( All Fantasy Faire pictures organized here, more added all the time. )


 Eyes: Tacky Star, Pride
Ears: Illusions, Fairy Ears
Skin: Adam n Eve, Astrelle Fae - light brows
Eye Makeup: Adam n Eve, Fae Titania
Hair: Sirena, Zoey - seashell
Outfit: Sa-eela, Smira Chalwar
Feet: SLink, Flat Bare

Poses: Alchemy Immortalis

Location: Enchanted Mysts
Light Settings: Nam's Optimal Skin 2
Water Settings: [TOR] Trandshan

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping only

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