Thursday, April 14, 2011

Project Fur

Project Fur is one of the many Japanese relief efforts being set out in Second Life, one taking up the majority of a sim and built to go on for quite some time. My one complaint is how hard it is to find things, which is why I've included links to where each of the displays were below. Everything with links was gotten at Project Fur, everything without is something I had already.

I recommend a walk through - either vaguely, if you like retracing your steps, or systematically. The outside edges are largely empty, but it seems like more stores are being added all the time. In the center is quite a nice garden, as well, and some Japan-Relief only animals.

Close In
We'll start with some close-ups.

The necklace around my neck is for this event only, and is an adorable little cat within a heart. It was made by Little Boy Blue, and comes with the heart in white and the cat in black - the version I got - or with the heart in black and the cat in white. It's Tomoyuki's usual amazing work, pristine in design and completely charming. I love how it looks like the sort of thing someone might wear just about, to memorialize or honor a beloved cat.

The jacket is from Malt,and comes with a belt (not shown) and some capri pants (shown below). I adore the ruffling detail on this, and the curve of the fabric. It is gorgeously detailed, with an amazingly delicate clasp across the front - I love the dangling beads detail; somehow they just bring the whole thing alive!

Pausing a Moment in the Country

The cat that is standing in as my hat comes from Falln Angel Creations and also comes in black and white varieties. He has the cutest fish in a bag in his mouth - and I adore his huge eyes, peering off watchfully from his perch on my head. I have no idea what I want to name him yet, but I know he needs a name.

The hair is from Magika, and is also just for this event - a coontail version of Sophie. It comes in blond, red, brown, and black; I initially picked up the red version, intending something closer to my last Japan relief outfit which ended up coordinating with red in a lovely way, but after putting together this outfit from Project Fur, I realized I needed a paler shade, and so picked up one of the blonds as well.I love the stripes along the side of the face - not a normal look for me, but very striking.

Skating on Clouds

The dress is from 1-800Bettie, and is a gorgeous confection of cream and black. You can't see the bodice well, but trust me it's charming. I love the swoop of the skirt and the curve around the waist. The gauzy lace along the edges is simply gorgeous, edging under the bodice and above with a beautiful simplicity. There's an included system skirt, but honestly I'd be inclined to go with the prim skirt and bounce about all over the place.

The shoes are from Baby Monkey, and they are Ultimate Savannah shoes in white - not cream - but they fit the rest of the outfit very well. They were a last minute purchase, when I was putting the final touches on my entire outfit and I was still missing shoes. The toes are actually prim toes, easy to recolor and including a listing of some of the tones of more common skins. Perhaps in the future this will become a common occurrence - skins coming with the tones for matching toes and fingers.

The capris underneath are the ones I mentioned earlier, from Malt, though they're called lace tights and not capris. Honestly, they're toned dark enough for pants, though, and to wear alone with the jacket and belt.

Broken Rain

The wings are Spyralle, and were the hardest to match in the whole outfit, but I simply couldn't resist them. I ended up setting the windlight so the sky matched them, in absence of anything else which could be matching to the poor things! I love the angular nature of the wings, how they seem both artistic and somehow abstracted. Not quite of this world.

That's in sharp contrast with this sim, AM Radio's The Far Away, which is a very naturalistic field scene from the midwest. I have actually seen plains like this in the Dakotas - long seas of grass and grain which seemed to go on forever and a horizon which could be hundreds of miles away. Driving across Kansas once, I had a sudden image of the stories I read as a child - Laura Ingles Wilder describing how she and her family would travel for days in the same bowl under the same sky, everything seeming to be the same for weeks at a time. I was in a car, though, so Kansas only took a day and a half.

We only have six months to enjoy AM Radio's beautiful work!

( All of the pictures can be seen here. )


Eyes: Tacky Soul, Pride
Skin: Adam n Eve, Astrelle Fae (light brows)
Ears: Illusions, Mystic Ears Fairy
Hair: Magika, Sophie - Coontail Edition
Wings: Spyralle, Fractal Wings
Kitty: Falln Angel Creations, Japan Cat - black
Necklace: Little Boy Blue, Kuroneko Necklace
Jacket: Malt, Frilled Vest
Dress: 1-800Bettie, Shimmer Swirls Dress - Cream
Leggings: Malt, Capri Lace Tights - Noir
Shoes: Baby Monkey, Ultimate Savannah - white

Poses: Tutti Frutti

Project FUR Japan - main area
Location: The Far Away
Light Settings: [TOR] MIDDAY - Coral Reef

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping only

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