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There are a lot of Japanese Charity Events going on - they sprung up like mushrooms! - and another is being hosted and run by Dead Dolls, a group in Second Life. Set in a gorgeous sim decorated with an Edo Japanese theme, complete with sacred trees and open porches.

I ended up going modern for the photoshoot, though, seeking out Tochigi Japan, a modern cyber version of what Japan might someday be. It looks like it is mostly a mall with a club attached, though in the time I spent there I didn't see anyone else about. The setting is lush and complicated, though - including a cute little cafe and a market. I had fun flying high and low, looking for little nooks and crannies I thought you would enjoy seeing.

Bridge Over the City
Poses: Glitterati, Long Hair 3 - 5; Cosmetics: De La Soul, Charlie Makeup - Red Lips; Dress: Blue Blood, Camelia - purple; Shoes: Favole, Lilith

Blue Blood has released two different dresses, Camelia in purple goth and whitegoth. I adore her textures; here you can see patterning on the black, the purple ruffles, and the detailing with skulls at the waist, chest, neck, and wrists. The ruffly edge along the bodice line is simply charming, open and provocative without being flashy.

I've paired the dress with these Lilith Boots from Favole, which you can get a closer look at here. They have an adorable bow and chain detailing in your back, above the platform heels festooned with rivets. Favole's characteristic eye for detail is seen in how well they fit, as well as the charming flash of chain here and there in the pictures I took.

The cosmetics are the first of several from De La Soul, an entire set of red cosmetics that include an incredibly variety of options. Shown above is the red eyeliner with red lips; it also comes with a nude lip, and with lips that show teeth.

Club Time
Pose: Glitterati, 047; Cosmetics: De La Soul, Charlie Makeup - Red Rising Sun; Dress: Blue Blood, Camelia - purple whitegoth; Wings: Favole, Peace

Here is Camelia in purple whitegoth, from Blue Blood; the patterning is harder to see in whitegoth, but I have to admit I like the look. It looks almost neon, perfect for clubbing in Tochigi Japan. I love the fall of the skirt, too, with it's wide sides and graceful movement. It moves well with you when you walk and dance, making every entrance and exit an event.

The wings (more easily seen here) are from Favole, which offered a truly stunning panoply of choices. I'm wearing a Favole accessory in every picture, but I only bought half of what's available there! They come in a shoulder version, without the silver chain, or a spine version chained together; an amazing effect and touch of detail.

The cosmetics are the second of several from De La Soul, the Rising Sun version with nude lips. I love the tattoo effect on the face of the sun - it would be good for a thematic avatar outfitting, or over the top drama for fashion.

Blood Moon Rising
Pose: Glitterati, Pin up 1 - Curvy; Cosmetics: De La Soul, Charlie Makeup - Red Rising Sun with Lips; Eyes: De La Soul, Luminis, Rising Sun; Hat: Favole, Vepar; Collar: Favole, Prolific; Cuffs: Ezura, Lolita Crown Red Cuffs; Dress: Malfean Visions, Tsuki-Yomi; Shoes: Malfean Visions, Amiage Sneakers

The next outfit shows a truly epic combination of accessories from the Charity Event. The dress and shoes are both from Malfean Visions - a style which also comes in a black base and a white base, all of them matching these awesome sneaker heels. I wish I could have picked up all three dresses, but alas the pocketbook forbid! It's a cute babydoll style, with a scoop neck and funky black and white detailing on the bodice and hem. I am actually even more in love with these sneaker heels, though; I love the stripes on them, and the oddly casual elegance. They took a bit for me to fit, since I'm shorter, but the shoe base that comes with them is modifyable. I ended up raising the heel quite a bit, and then they fit like a dream!

The hat and collar are both from Favole, and though they don't outright match, I thought the combination of black, white, and red made them work well. The collar is largely white with a stylish rose (there's a black on black version available as well, see: Deo wanting and eyeing pocketbook sadly), and fits well around the neck. It's modifyable, which is a blessing when one hasn't the swanlike neck required for a lot of collars on Second Life! The hat is closer to a crown with wings, with open view at the top, and has cute batwings coming off form either side, as if it's about to go fluttering off into the stratosphere.

The cuffs are from Ezura, and will show up again along with a set of boots that I quite love.There is a matching outfit and collar, but the collar I couldn't make fit - my lack of a swanlike neck being exacerbated by it being no modify. It's a gorgeous set altogether, though, so if you have either a swanlike neck, or more comfort with modifying your shape for clothing than I do, I highly recommend picking it up!

The cosmetics are from De La Soul, the Rising Sun face with red lips. I think this is quite my favorite, this or the red eye makeup with bright red lips. This is a good itme to note, I think, that this set is made to go with her Charlie skin, available in store, but works well over the Adam n Eve skin I paired it with here.

Left Behind
Pose: Mannequin, Broken3; Cosmetics: De La Soul, Charlie Makeup - Red Lips; Eyes: De La Soul, Luminis, Rising Sun; Hat: Favole, Vepar; Bracelets: Ezura, Lolita Crown Red Cuffs; Shirt and Pants: De La Soul, Japan Relief Jeans and Sleeveless White Turtleneck; Shoes: Malfean Visions, Amiage Sneakers

This picture shoes one of the first of the poses I got at the Event, the Broken set by Mannequin. It doesn't work as well with skirted outfits, but the effect is awesome with pants, and if I hadn't been trying to get quite so many pictures taken, I might have tried it with heavily modified skirts. I love how realistic the slumped positions are; take a moment to check out the full photoshoot and you'll see all five that are available.

The outfit is from De La Soul, and comes with many more varieties than I have room to show! I chose the white t-shirt to pair with the black jeans; the shirt also comes with the logo just on the back, and the collar comes in male and female sizes. There's also a black version of the same style, with the red cross on it, both with the front design and without the front design. It's a simple sleeveless t-shirt, but striking and a fantastic addition to any wardrobe.

Waiting to be Turned On
Pose: Mannequin, Broken2; Cosmetics: De La Soul, Charlie Makeup - Rising Sun with Red Lips; Eyes: De La Soul, Luminis, Rising Sun; Hat: Favole, Vepar; Bracelets: Ezura, Lolita Crown Red Cuffs; Shirt and Pants: De La Soul, Japan Relief Jeans and Sleeveless Koi Turtleneck; Shoes: Ezura, Lace Ankle Boots - Red

You can see the De La Soul jean style more clearly, here, with the white version of them. The jeans come with sculpted cuffs, but can also be worn without - as I did here. I'm also wearing, and have been for many of these pictures, the Rising Sun eyes - you can see them more clearly here, though. I love the koi version of the sleeveless t-shirt; this comes just in black, but is also wonderful with it's dramatic simplicity.

The cuffs and boots are from Ezura, and have a matching collar and outfit also available there. I love the silver crown detail against the red lace, and I'm sure these will come out of the inventory many times in the future for the edgy, lacy look.

This is also another Mannequin pose; I love how the neck doesn't look quite right, and the bent in of the wrist. It makes it hard to accessorize for the poses, but the effect is worth it!

Pose: HelaMiyo, Looking back 1; Cosmetics: De La Soul, Charlie Makeup - Red Lips; Eyes: De La Soul, Luminis, Rising Sun; Hat: Favole, Vepar; Dress: Likka House, Victoria - blue; Shoes: Favole, Lilith

This gorgeous dress I simply couldn't resist. It's from Likka House, and I believe the green variety of it is on sale for a different Japanese Charity event - Project Fur, perhaps? I love how it swings. The combination of static and flexy prims is absolutely charming, and moves beautifully as you can see from above. I love the collar, too, and I paired it with the Lilith Boots from Favole I was wearing earlier, to gorgeous effect.

Cherry Blossom Settled In

Hat: Favole, Vepar; Dress: Likka House, Victoria - blue; Shoes: Favole, Lilith; Prop with Poses: FlufferNutters, Cherry Blossom Branch

Finally is this adorable prop from FlufferNutters, a branch with cherry blossoms on it with several seats included. I really love the delicate coloring, and the poses are very fun! It's would make a whimsical, charming  addition to any woodland scene. Laely, the creator of FlufferNutterz, couldn't be sweeter; I had a delivery issue when I bought this, and she'd handled it by the end of the same day. Truly awesome customer service.

I want to say a quick word about the other, non-event things I'm wearing. My ears are my usual Mystic Ears from Illusions - a staple of my appearance. I've tinted them pale to go with my Adam n Eve skin, Astelle, which was from the Fantasy Faire and had become my new obsession. The wings are my old standbys from Fancy Fairy, recolored to match; I literally bought these as my first thing in Second Life, and still wear them - and still get complemented on them! The hair is a new purchase from Tukinowaguma, and I thought it fit the overall Gothic Doll look I was going for, and so could carry through all of the clothing.The rest of the poses are from Glitterati, where I recently blew a lot of Linden.

( More pictures here. )


Ears: Illusions, Mystic Ear - Fairy
Skin: Adam n Eve, Astrelle Fae
Wings: Fancy Fairy, Azarelle
Hair: Tukinowaguma, Esther - tan

Purchased at: Broken, A Dead Dolls Charity Event for Japan
Locations: Tochigi Japan Cybercity and Tol Narwa Vire
Light Settings: Shadowset

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping only

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