Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fantasy Faire: Falln Angel Creations - Tallimare Outfit in Light and Shadow

Falln Angel Creations was one of the first stores I ever became loyal to, and through which I met many of my dear friends. It's with significant honor, therefore, that I get to share with you Azriel's offerings for the Fantasy Faire this year - a matching set of outfits in Light and Shadow versions called the Tallimare Outfit. I barely scratched the surface of the many combinations possible with this, not to mention the huge room for variation by combining pieces from each set.

Poses: Ks2cool, 71-80 & 71-80

There are three head covering options (two hats and a veil), three tops which can be layered in a variety of ways, two bottoms, and four waist options, including silks, a jacket, and a bustle skirt. The gloves come with two choices of cuff - large and small - and also look quite good without any cuff at all. The stockings, glove tops, and jacket are all of a color on each outfit - an angelic blue on the Light set, and a rich red on the Shadow set. Trim matches up with the lower glove section and aspects of the skirts, as you can see.

Pose: Ks2cool, Pose81-90

The jacket has been cunningly designed so that you can wear it alone, covering the necessary bits but not much more. I love how it combines with the belt, here, and you can see the pants design as well - with the cut-outs on the outer thigh. The belt design on all of the bottom part pieces has a cutting wide belt, plus two narrower bands angled out. I had to do some editing to make sure everything fit - being a round little fairy - but since all of the prim pieces are modify-ok, it was a matter of moments to set it all up. One of the neck options is shown, too, the small collar (I love that things came in large and small!).

Pose: Ks2cool, Pose85-90

The bustle skirt was by far the hardest to fit, though it was easier the second time around than the first, simply because it's made of multiple layers - which can get confusing. As you can see, the end result is well worth the effort! The back is solid, but the front has open panels to show off your legs, and the belt tops it off nicely. The undershirt can be seen here, too - each outfit comes with both a white and a black undershirt and matching jabots for the neck. I adore the line patterning on it, and the texture almost seems like silk.

Pose: Ks2cool, Pose95-100

The hoods that come with this set are fantastic - and are actually my low-lag headcovering of choice now! Here you can see it paired with the large collar and the jabot together - off-setting the alternated colored undershirt and then the shirt over top. I love how it layers with the silks bottom, here; the belt is part of the silks so you could leave of the shirt if you wanted and use the jacket over top for a slightly more risque option. I can't believe I thought of that now! That would look awesome!

Pose: Ks2cool, Pose 83-90

The female hat is smaller, and cuter - stylishly angled. I love the neckline for this, especially with the jacket layered on top! It almost looks like petals of a flower when I pair it with the stamen-style jabot. The jacket goes well with both bottoms - one giving a flair of the theatrical, while the other is more formal, especially since the cutouts on the sides of the thighs are covered by the jacket tails. Paired with the shirt, this might almost qualify as decorous and formal, with a slight edge.

Pose: Ks2cool, Pose 90-90

The men's had is larger, taller, an old-fashioned top hat. As you can see here, as well, the two sets combine well - the black goes with the blue, and the red with the silver. The actual possible variations are complex, since you have so many variables to play with and so many different styles you can fit. From the feminine to the masculine, this outfit covers the whole gamut.

Pose: Ks2cool, Pose 99-100

You can find it all now, in the Forest of Light at the Fantasy Faire.

( All Fantasy Faire pictures here, with new ones added regularly. )


Hair: Sirena, Zoey - Blond
Ears: Illusions, Fairy Ears
Skin: Adam n Eve, Astrelle Fae Skin with Fairy Gold Eye Tattoo
Shoes: G Field, Rose Bootie "Diva" - colored to match
Outfit: Falln Angel Creations, Tallimare Outfit Light / Dark
Poses: Ks2cool


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