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MadPea Hunt: Room 326 - Mark II

One of the two latest MadPea Hunts is Room 326, a remake of the same hunt from roughly six months ago. Like other MadPea Hunts, the hunt is half a game, half a story, and the mechanism is a HUD you can pick up for 150L at Mad City, the setting for the second Game/Hunt in August.

Welcome to the Madness, dear hunter.
You are about to discover the story of The Silent Peacock Hotel and enter the famous room, 326. Before you can begin with the hunt, you must find and enter Room 326 for your introduction to the game. Once you find an important item in the room, your HUD will be activated.
Please understand that this game is a point-and-click treasure hunt. Clicking items will give you clues to advance in the game.

Your ultimate goal is to find 15 envelopes in grid-wide locations eventually taking you to the final game play area where you will be rewarded with 15 high quality prizes. Once you click the photo on the HUD, it gives you a hint and a SLURL in local chat to a location where an ENVELOPE has been hidden. 

Once you find an envelope the photo on the HUD will turn into that. Please note, the ENVELOPES do not give out prizes. You must collect all of them to receive all the prizes at once in the end. When you have all the envelopes, follow the instructions given in the chat to you.

To HIDE the HUD, simply click the MadPea on top left corner to rotate it. For extra help ask in MadPeas group chat. Be Spooked, Be Mad, Enjoy!

The Game begins: Da Vinci Isle (116,179,29)

You begin outside of the Peacock Hotel, and to begin the hunt and activate your HUD, you have to find room 326 and the "special item" inside of that room. The hotel is lush, lovely, and can be slow to rez, so take your time and try to be patient. Once you find the object and click it, you will get a notecard that includes all of the images on the HUD and your HUD will be activated. If there are a lot of people in the sim, this may take a while, so again be patient. Then you just click on each picture and it gives you a bit of the story, and sends you to a store where you're looking for the 3D Letter each person received. How difficult it is to find depends largely on the stores, but a hint for the hiding spot is in each piece of the story.

Oh look, this seems like a police file. I should pick it up as it might come handy for my investigations. Oh wow! It contains the photos, names and addresses of all those missing people, including information about them! What a lucky find! I can see a part highlighted stating that all those people received a strange letter from someone before they vanished! I should look for those letters to find out what happened. If I solve this mystery, I will become a hero!

Warbug Headquarters
Painting, Television, Sunglasses
Warbug Headquarters - Look for someplace social to hang out in, far from where you land.
According to her neighbours, Rose Barley isn´t a very well liked woman. She had worked at the Silent Peacock Hotel for the last ten years, before she retired 11 months ago. She had managed to do her job well, even if she didn´t communicate much with the customers. None of her co-workers said they were missing her though, which says a lot. Her next door neighbour Mrs. Cluskey said: ´´Rose was such a loner, never got a smile from her. She would just sit at her home and have that damned record player on all the time playing Mariachi music. It´s hard to imagine, but she must have had a mexican lover in the past. I remember about a month ago I bumped into her in the hallway and made her drop her nachos all over the floor. She seemed very upset about something and asked me if I had seen anyone suspicious around. Hell, let me tell you, this place is full of weirdos! Anyhow, that was the last time I saw her. We were not friends, but I do hope that she will be found soon!´´ Look for the letter @ Black Forest (174,61,21)
Room_326 1: You mean old witch, you didn't look twice. You just turned your back and closed your eyes...

Possibly the Peacock - I couldn't connect it with any other store and I couldn't find a DRD prize.
DRD Mainstore - Find the freebies, then look beyond.
 Sunday School teacher, Betty Atchison is loved by her parish. She has devoted her life to Christ and teaching children about Christianity. She doesn´t have any close family members and has always lived alone. To our huge surprise we found her closet full of fetish boots and after thorough investigation several photographs of her dressed up in them dancing inside a cage in a club. It seems we all really do have our dark side. Her students told us that a strange letter had arrived to Betty during a class and she had been in shock after reading it. She had shouted something along the lines of ´´from 3 to 6!´´and left the school immediately. She hasn´t been seen since. Look for the letter @ Death Row (131,135,79)
Room_326 2: You believed in a lie and didn't question why. Now you should pray, cos I will make you pay...

Orca Doll
Oceana Breedables - Obvious from the clue
Defense attorney Evelyn Knight´s boyfriend has been very vocal in the local media ever since Evelyn´s disappearance two months ago. He is offering a million dollar reward to the person who finds his loved one. Miss Knight´s boyfriend, famous underwear model Andrew McMillan stated to us: ´´Ever since the big case one year ago, Evelyn has been very famous and wanted. I´m just expecting to get a ransom letter and I will pay whatever they ask for so I can get my honey back. I know she must be missing me hard! Two months ago we were having drinks at a tiki bar, a rare luxury as she´s so busy and hardly ever at home. Just as I was feeding her pineapple slices with my own mouth, some spotty delivery boy brought a letter to her that she wouldn´t show me. I don´t know what she did with the letter, all she told me was that she needed to check on some details and she left. I finished up my drink and went in later and saw a file from THAT case a year ago wide open on her desk. Do you think her missing has something to do with that case?.´´ Look for the letter @ Wilderness (176,201,23)
Room_326 3: Life is so precious and it's really funny, that you sold your soul just for the money...

Dwarfin Doll (interactive on wear)
Dwarfins - It's a bit of a hike through the woods, but fairly obvious from the clue.
Chemist Leonard Pointer´s 18-year old twin daughters aren´t too worried about their father missing. According to the sisters it´s been very common for the father to go missing for weeks at a time at random intervals. ´´Dad gets on these crazy moods at times, he thinks he´s going to win a Nobel prize or something and locks himself away in some weird lab, forgetting to eat, sleep and call us. He always comes back.´´ Missy said. It has been exactly a week since Mr. Pointer went missing. ´´Yeah, like that one time he was gone for two weeks and we found him in the woods taking the DNA of some very short people. Old man´s weird like that. He´ll be fine, he´s always been fine.´´ said Chrissy. The sisters do remember their father getting a strange letter though. ´´He said he´d need to think about it in peace. That usually means that he wanders off to a secret fishing place, which is really just a tiny pond with a few genetically modified fish. I guess he took the letter with him.´´ stated Missy. Look for the letter @ Dwarfins (32,141,23)

Side Table
DIGs - Pretty obvious from the hint.
´´I´m not paying for that chair!´´ shouted the mother of the famous Country singer, Chase Cooke, on the phone and hung up on us before we had a chance to say anything. According to Mr. Cooke´s assistants, he had completely trashed the last hotel room they had stayed in. ´´It was total chaos, broken furniture, glass and vomit everywhere, even a stinking raccoon. The worst of all was this very expensive wooden chair that Chase whacked into pieces with an axe. I don´t know what got into him!´´ said his hair stylist. Chase had apparently vanished quickly after that incident. His assistant remembers him receiving a bizarre letter that came from the Silent Peacock Hotel. He said Chase had mumbled some numbers and just left. No one has any idea where he could be. They told us it´s not typical for him to go missing like this, as he has already missed three big gigs. Look for the letter @ Terra Felix (136,127,23)

Woman's Outfit
Sakide - Very obvious from the hint.
Ophthalmologist Catalina Cordero is being missed by her four children and husband, Julio. Julio Cordero gave us a statement: ´´We were window shopping and looking at some gorgeous white orchids when she told me something and made me promise I wouldn´t tell anyone. She had received a letter that morning from someone she didn´t recognize and it prompted her to go to the Silent Peacock Hotel. I told her not to go, but she kept insisting that this was important. I swear the letter was cursed, because she was acting so weird, almost in a trancelike state she kept telling me that she has to go to find out the truth. ´What truth?´ I asked her and she just smiled, saying she would tell me everything when she´s back. My wife is a tough one, you just can´t turn her head when she´s set on something. Three weeks ago she went in that damn hotel and never came back. I´m begging you, please find my wife soon, the kids need their mother!´´ Look for the letter @ Dark Tranquility (121,72,25)

Hatch Skybox with two levels
Poetica Homes - You have to go high in a dark place to find this letter.
 .: Michael Donovan is a taxi driver and lives alone in a downtown penthouse called the Ivy Tower. We found it strange that a taxi driver´s salary pays for that, however the content of his computer didn´t come as as surprise as it was full of adult entertainment, as well as various emails back and forth with escort services. We have a reason to suspect that he´s gone to the Silent Peacock Hotel to meet up with a prostitute for the night. His last customer (who wishes to stay anonymous) confirms this as she said: ´´I was sitting in his taxi to get a ride to the theater and suddenly he started acting like a maniac! He ran a red light and was mumbling about how he has to drop me off fast so that he can get to the hotel. I asked him why it was so important and he just looked at me in disgust saying ´It´s all about the girl!´ I was just holding on tight to my seat and was so happy to get to the theater alive. He didn´t even take a payment from me, just left fast!´ Look for the letter @ Okinawa (119,178,25)

Never Totally Dead
Antique Shop Front
Never Totally Dead - You have time, just look closely.
Steven Jepson is an artist specialized in glassblowing. He owns an antique store together with his life partner, Joshua Michaels. According to Joshua, Steven had been withdrawn for weeks before he vanished. ´´Steven has always been the life and soul at the parties, he´s full of positive energy. I´m not sure what happened to him, he just suddenly became cold and distant. One time I found him just standing still and staring at this new clock we had received. He had a gun in his hand and I asked him what on earth he was doing. He just glazed into the distance saying how his Granpa had always been right. I hope he´s ok and hasn´t done anything stupid! I saw he had signed into that hotel, which I find weird, he´s never been there before.´´ Look for the letter @ Ketama (64,173,1204)

Male and Female Shirts
Just BECAUSE - Some days it isn't worth it to get out of bed in the morning.
´´We are so worried about Daniel, hope you will find him soon!´´ was the response from Mr. Sharp´s parents when we interviewed them. He is an unemployed nurse, who lives with his parents. ´´Daniel has had some issues with computers´´, Mrs Sharp said letting out an embarassed sigh. Her husband carried on ´´He was addicted to some stupid computer game, where you pretend you are someone else and build a house together with someone. He would sit there 20 hours a day doing god knows what. He would literally not leave his bed at all. Just lay there with his laptop lost in this other dimension. He thought he was in love with a young woman from across the world, who in reality turned out to be a married older man! After crying for days, we pushed Daniel to start doing something useful with his life and he finally started looking for jobs. It´s not easy on the job market though, so we do wonder, if he´s gone to meet that strange man afterall!´´ Look for the letter @ Taupo (179,181,48)

Druidamus Whisper
Three necklaces and a set of aquarium eyes
Druidamus Whisper - Surprisingly near where you teleport in, but very well hidden.
Victoria Sacket is a banker and has all the riches anyone could dream of. Living in a mansion with her boyfriend, who is over 20 years junior to her, she has a lifestyle many envy. ´´I know what you´re all thinking, but it´s not like that!´´ exclaimed the boyfriend, Adrian. ´´We love each other very much and I can make her happy unlike anyone else could before. We were getting married next year and I had already made perfect plans for our wedding night. I went to see her to her work about the reservations and I could tell she was extremely upset about something. I got her some peppermint mocha and massaged her shoulders, but she wouldn´t relax. She said she needed to sort out something very urgent and would be home later. I had arranged a beautiful romantic meal waiting for her, but she never came home. She´s my Triple Goddess, you must find her!´´ Look for the letter @ Sylvhara (101,87,2501)

Tattoo Layer scars, eyes, hand spikes, bracelets
Mad' - Kinda gross, actually... but obvious from the hint.
´´It was Kimmie´s 27th birthday and we wanted to surprise her! We fetched her from work and took her to this new sick club. We all got totally wasted!´´ said Mandy. Lee told us that in fact Kimmie had got so drunk that she had spent most of her evening throwing up in the bathroom. When we asked about her life, the told us that nothing unusual had happened to Kimmie lately  ´´She´s such a party girl, loves her job and gets a kick out of meeting new people. The only unusual thing was probably her jury duty a year ago, we are still giggling at that, cos it was so out of character for her to be sitting there with all those posh people. She hated it bad.´´ ´´We haven´t seen Kimmie since that club night. We have called all our friends, but no one has any clue of where she could be.´´ Look for the letter @ Oro (22,214,2000)

Distorted Dreams
Skybox Detective Office with a lot of accessories
Distorted Dreams - Obvious from the clue, and I got a snack!
Alexandra Holcombe, a young waitress of the local greasy spoon is being missed by her family greatly. ´´It´s been 6 weeks now. I´ve been taking care of her baby and her dogs and we just want her to come home soon´´, said Savannah, Alexandra´s younger sister. ´´She moved further away, cos she had always dreamt to be an actress. Apart from getting a tv commercial advertising a lotion for hemorrhoids, she hasn´t had much luck yet. It´s only a matter of time when someone discovers her though. She told me that she was approached a few times at work, but I think it was just some random guys trying to get laid. She´s so beautiful. Oh wait.. I do remember her telling me about a strange letter she received where she was asked to go into a hotel to see about some art show. I told her to make sure to take some pop corn with her.´´ Look for the letter @ Epic Sanctuary (52,15,1502)

100 female poses and 40 male poses
SHEY - Names are an important thing.
´´She´s a rising star! I´ll Die for You - play has been a huge hit and we´re losing sales if she doesn´t return soon.´´ exclaimed the manager of ballet dancer, Julia Whitman. ´´It was Julia´s idea to bring a new touch into this show by using a real skeleton as her dance partner. She does things no one else dares to even think of´´, the manager continued. Julia´s make up artist, Janis told us that there had been a letter waiting for her after the second show and she hadn´t talked about it with anyone. ´´She was in such a shock that I just took the letter from her hand and put it away.´´ Janis said. Julia had gone home straight after that instead of celebrating her successful performance. ´´We´re missing our star, please find her soon.´´ they all pleaded. Look for the letter @ BoSH (212,19,23)

Furniture set
noctis - Warm your hands by the fire and say hi to sleeping beauty before you hunt.
´´It´s only been a few days, we´re sure Flynn´s at some secret techie convention´ laughed the workmates of an IT technician, Flynn O´Toole. ´´That man loves dressing up and going to all kinds of weird places, his imagination is out of this world! You know we all surf the net here and look at some weird stuff together, but Flynn.. oh, man.. he´s got this huge privacy screen set up around him, so no one really know what he´s looking at!´´ One of them remembers seeing a letter from the Silent Peacock Hotel on Flynn´s desk. ´Oh yeah, I remember that one. It made me google the place, cos I got curious on knowing what´s going on. Flynn was extremely secretive about that. Must be some masquerade orgy of superheroes or something. Now, wouldn´t that be cool!´´  Look for the letter @ Steelhead Nevermoor (174,35,27)

Mad City
Mad City - Hike a ways to check out your fortune, see if it helps.
Art Teacher, Mark Langley´s wife was in tears when we talked to her. ´´Why can´t people just leave us alone. Ever since that girl, Madison went missing, we have been living under constant stress. Mark is a wonderful husband, father and a great teacher! He never would have done something to a student of his. How dare people still accuse him of that! He was put on trial and they all saw how genuine he is and how he possibly couldn´t have hurt that girl. It took a long time till he was able to work again after that incident and now this! He´s been missing for three days and it´s all because someone wrote something to him. I didn´t see what the letter said, but I saw it had a Silent Peacock Hotel stamp on. That damned hotel again! Wish people would just stop. In my despair I went to see a fortune teller, Madame P. who told me that I should be patient, our life would finally change. Maybe she can tell you more than I can, just leave me alone now!´ Look for the letter at Mad City @ Da Vinci Isle (119,176,29)

Room_326 15: You fooled them all, played well your part, now you must become the last piece of my art...

Endgame: I think I might know what these people have in common. I should go back to Room 326 to check if I missed something there previously. Something must have happened to Madison there!

The nice thing about MadPea Hunts is that the storyline holds a lot of the hints, so head back to the Silent Peacock Hotel and see what you can find. Of course, this isn't the same hotel as where you started - instead, click on the pin icon on your HUD and you will be teleported to a New and Improved Silent Peacock Hotel with loads and loads and loads of creepy. You start some random place on the first floor and have to find your way up - and while I am a wimp, I also jumped several times. It will take a little while to follow through the labyrinth to the third floor, but you can find it.

Local Newspaper: 12 Man Jury FREES Art Teacher suspected of killing local teenager.

Defense attorney Evelyn Knight gets art teacher Mark Langley free.
Mr Langley was charged of murdering local teenager, 14 year old Madison Walkner who was last seen in his car getting a ride home from school. Blood stains were found on the car seat, but they were not enough to convict him as the 12 man jury found him not guilty.

Madison's body was never found and there are still people hoping that she is alive somewhere. One of the main questions was: 'Where were you between 3 to 6 pm?' as that was the time of Madison's disappearance and Langley was missing an alibi for this time slot. Knight and Langley are planning on celebrating the victory at the Silent Peacock hotel and claim that Langley had nothing to do with Madison's disappearance. 'I hope she will go home soon to her family, she is such a talented art student and a wonderful girl.' Langley said.

If you need a hint at this point... consider that the murdered girl was an artist. If anyone finds some final bit of text about the conclusion of the story, please let me know and I'll add it to the guide.


Hair: Alice Project
Skin & Eyes: De La Soul
Poses: Adorkable 

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