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MadPea Hunt: Cry of the Peacock

Cry of the Peacock is a follow up hunt to the Room 326 Hunt, and is significantly more complicated in some ways, simpler in others. Instead of being an across the grid hunt, this is localized in Mad City, which means you're covering a lot of the same ground over and over again, with the Silent Peacock Hotel as the centerpiece. The HUD is purchased from the telephone boxes, as opposed to the newspaper stands which sold the Room 326 HUD, but on the same sim.

This blog post will essentially serve as my notes while I'm doing the hunt, and then I'll share it with everyone else and hope it helps you as well. As such, I won't publish any of the solutions, but I will publish handy links and my thoughts as I'm going. I'll also be organizing the information available, as it's ranging all over the place and that can get confusing. The MadPea Blog gives a list of the different tasks to accomplish, and I'm organizing what I'm doing using that, the letter from Madame Peacock, and any other lists I might think of as I go along.

Complete the sheets of music
Find the code to the Police Station safe
Locate the missing posters in the City
Match the posters with the police file
Find items belonging to the victims
The Police Station is a fun place to investigate - and apparently there's a safe. I hope we won't get arrested when be break into it. Madame Peacock says: 1. Investigate the Police Station and follow the clues to find the police file! This is a very important piece of information that will help in your investigation. Following the instructions works very well here; I actually found this reasonably self-evident. A couple of the paintings are a little tricky to find - remember you have the whole hotel to look in. 

There are posters up on the walls all over, each of them showing one of the missing fifteen people. Madame Peacock says: 2. Take copies of the missing posters around the city! They will help you learn more about the victims and match them to the tarot cards.  

Silent Peacock Map

And in much the same vein: 3. Pay close attention to the door numbers and street signs and explore the city to learn where everything is. Maybe the victims lived around here?  This was the part I got confused on - you have to connect together all of the information gathered up until now, identify the person related to the first Tarot Card on your HUD and go to their home; there you will get a hint as to the item related to each person to try to find, and where to find it. There doesn't seem to be a way to switch through; instead, each person gets handled of a piece before you can move on to the next one. This is where notes, and a map, and handy landmarks can really come in handy. I'm including the bits of story for each person, but these are not in order - you need to visit each place on your own.

Daniel Sharp - The King of Swords
This card resembles someone that has a caring personality and enjoys taking care of people. "Every morning he would get breakfast at the diner. I remember he saved a woman from choking on a bagel, but lost his stethoscope during the rescue."

Leonard Pointer - The Magician
This card resembles someone that manipulates the elements to create new substances. "He needs to stay away from that flooded tunnel! He came home upset one night because a car almost ran him over and he dropped all his test tubes."

Julia Witmore - The Star
This card resembles someone that has a bright personality and shines like a star on any stage. "Before every performance she would go to the same tree facing the water and meditate. One time she ran on stage and didn't even notice she had lost a shoe!"

Michael Donovan - The Chariot
This card resembles someone that spent a lot of time in a vehicle transporting others. "He was always leaving his wallet in the car, but at least he had it to always show the police when he would get pulled over for a ticket!"
Steven Jepson - The Sun
This card resembles someone with a fiery and artistic spirit who works in very hot conditions. "I think he fled town and left me with the bills! I sold his favorite glass necklace to the hotel gift shop to get even with him!"

Kimberly Nesbit - The Moon
This card resembles someone that has a wild spirit and gets everyone in the mood to party late at night. "That girl was always getting into trouble! I had to bail her out of jail and I was so furious I pulled her out of that cell, leaving her headphones behind!"
Rose Barley - The Hermit
This card resembles someone that is tired of working and just wants to relax the rest of their life. "I gave her a personalized hotel bell 10 years ago as a birthday gift, but I guess she forgot to bring it home with her from the hotel office when she retired."

Mark Langly - The Hanging Man
This card resembles someone who commited an evil act and got away with it, but paid the ultimate price. "Well I know he loved to paint and go to the overlook. He would sit with his palette on the bench facing the railing and paint that giant bridge in the distance."

Victoria Sachet - Queen of Wands
This card resembles someone very wealthy and powerful that controls others finances. "That woman has more money than she knows what to do with. It's no wonder someone stole that fancy purse of hers while she was at a meeting in the hotel."
Chase Cooke - The Fool
This card resembles someone so blinded by their fame that they don't see how foolish they act. "He would make me so angry everytime he would buy a new guitar and throw the old one in the dumpster just because he did not want to take the time to re-tune it!"

Alexandra Holcombe - The Empress
This card resembles someone with a child, working long shifts and struggling to keep food on the table. "She always kept a pen and paper handy in her pocket. We were at the fortune teller and she was scribbling everything that crazy psychic was saying!"

Flynn O'Toole - Eight of Coins
This card resembles someone who works with technology and uses several types of discs. "Look for Jenny! He always lost his pocket protector everytime he would go sailing with her and then complain how he couldnt go to work without it."
Betty Atchinson - The Priestess
This card resembles someone that enjoys passing on their knowledge of their religion to others. "She never was the same the day she lost her holy cross. She held onto it during a terrible fire and lost it running down the fire escape."

Evelyn Knight - Justice
This card resembles someone that studied law and believes everyone is innocent until proven guilty. "She would take her briefcase and go to that parlor full of books in the hotel. It is the best place to study since no one ever goes inside that drafty old room."

Catalina Cordero - Ten of Cups
This card resembles someone with a loving family that helps others see things more clearly. "One day we were in the park at a concert. She was dancing so crazy her glasses flew right off her face! Never did find them, but they probably got smashed anyway."

Madame Peacock - Death
A 16th card? It can't be... Oh no, Madame Peacock! She must have known her own fate. I must find her, but I will need all the torn pieces of the piano music!

Madame Peacock says: 4. Visit all of Madame Peacock's favorite stores and look for a piece of piano music hidden inside each store. You will need all of them to find Madame Peacock once you have all of the victims items.

The musical sheets are organized in a series of stores across the sim, the list comes from the letter from madame Peacock that comes with your HUD, many of them familiar from the Room 326 Hunt along with a few extras. There are twenty stores in all and each has a piece of music hidden somewhere in there, rolled up. Each of the stores are relatively small, so the hunt part is actually not the most complicated part by a longshot. 

Once you have everything pulled together, it's time to play the music and cast the spell.

A trap door under the piano leading to a basement! I have everything I need to perform the ritual myself, but I need to find Madame Peacock's spellbook which contains the correct incantation.

Unfortunately, I have no idea how it ended. By the time I found the book, clicked on it, and turned around, whatever was suppose to happen either already had, or the "stack heap collision" error message I got means it didn't work. Unfortunately, where the book is placed means it is all but impossible to click the book and be looking at the room - something I found very frustrating - and it seems like the HUD set things up so you couldn't repeat if you missed something, which was kind of a shame. I assume there were pretty shinies? Usually I come back after solving things to try to photograph it, but I wasn't able to for this.

Afterwards, I was able to angle my camera over the book toward the room, and though the angle is weird you might be able to pull it off where I wasn't. If so, please let me know what happened - I really want to know.

The HUD does have a few words from Madame Peacock, whom we never met.

The painting is destroyed! You did it detective, our souls are free from the clutches of evil and you have saved us all. I knew you would do it. I'm psychic after all! Take all these gifts I have collected from my favorite stores, they are a fitting reward for a job well done!

With much love,

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