Deoridhe Quandry (and her main alt Deoridhe Starr) is the sole person associated with this blog. Her usual, non-SL name is Deoridhe Grimsdottir. She specializes in unedited (except for cropping) pictures taken of Fashion Looks in Second Life Locations. Sometimes the pictures are accompanied by various kinds of commentary, ranging from the intensely personal, to the political, to critiques of what she likes and loves. On and off she tries to keep track of art events across Second Life, and participates in the occasional special event or hunt. Some of her pictures end up modified and for sale on the marketplace.

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Blogger Policy: I accept gifts and will blog what seems appropriate or what I like, with the exception of a few individual blogger agreements I've made with certain stores. I like everything I blog, but I will offer critique if I notice something which could be improved or which I think people should know before purchasing. I will tag and let creators know I have blogged them (whether I received a review copy or purchased the item) when I mention it in the copy of a blog post; I don't send alerts or tag if I am not discussing the items I'm wearing. I also link to the most recent shop information in a creator's profile if I mention their store in a copy of a blogpost, but I don't verify every location every time.

Comment Policy: This is not a democracy, it is a benevolent dictatorship. I will delete without hesitation any spam, abuse, threats, or trolling. I am not Congress, nor am I making Laws, so no, this is not a violation of the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

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Content Tags:
Art: Images taken at Art Sims
Commentary: Opinions about Second Life and/or blogging Second Lie
Events: Discussion of events in Second Life
Freebies: Free items in Second Life (usually time limited)
Hunt: Information about Hunts in Second Life (usually time limited)
Locations: Discussion of Locations in Second Life
Personal: Information and opinions that reference my personal life.
Shorts: Poses that are primarily image.
Social Justice: Opinions about the wider world.

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