Monday, August 19, 2013

Taste the Rainbow Hunt

Hunt ItemThe Taste the Rainbow hunt is an incredibly small one, but with the highest rate of get to keep that I have run across in a long while. My usual pattern with hunts is that I keep maybe 20% of what is put out for the hunt - which isn't necessarily a commentary on the quality of hunt prizes as I have a rather specific sense of style, though in a lot of cases these days the quality in hunts is very low. The keep rate for this hunt is pretty close to 100%, and not just because rainbows are totally my thing, but also because the quality of items in this hunt was incredibly high. I would have liked a little more variety, while I'm being picky - shoes, nails, maybe some cosmetics? - but honestly, this hunt was pretty much perfect. Short and sweet, high quality prizes, and a theme which really spoke to my soul. I hope you like it, too. It's continuing until September 3rd, so you have a lot of time for this short and sweet hunt. You're looking for the 3D glass with a rainbow smoothie in it that I'm showing off to the side, and while the store owners were occasionally creative, they were never cruel.

Deviance - Rainbow Wings
Comes with additional fairy dust and three 
speeds of wing movement, as well as static wings (shown)

deviousMind - Corset Outfit
Includes accessories and stockings. 
Corset comes with several sizes, standard and more chestacular.  
Rose pasties (shown at top of corset) originally placed over nipple area.

Blacklace - Lingerie
In blue and purple with a zebra skin texture. Includes rigged 
mesh corset and texture layers on every conceivable clothing layer.

Faster Pussycat
Rigged mesh seventies style jeans in tie-dye with yellow laced up sides.

WetCat Poses
WetCat Builds & Poses - Rainbow and Clouds
Pose item with a bunch of single poses and three couples poses.

The Plastik
The Plastik - Shirts
A wide variety of styles, all of them rainbow.

Ellabella - Piercings
Rainbow tinted, a full set around the mouth.

Studio Sidhe
Studio Sidhe - Hang Glider
Rainbow Butterfly hang-glider. Rez it, sit on it, and fly away.

Illusions - Rainbow Wings
Art Deco style with textured membrane. Shoulder and spine attachment points

ChiC Buildings
Open door house with large porch and stairs up,
perfect for waterside. Also comes with plants in brightly colored pots.

Alice Project
Standard hair colors with rainbow streaks.

Pink Fuel
Pink Fuel - Lipstick
Lipstick in every color of the rainbow.

a i s l i n g
Aisling - Unicorn Add-ons
Horn, tail, and glowing star eyebrows

There is also a bonus Market of Colors with lots of rainbow things to love and snuggle and call your own.


Skin & Eyes: De La Soul
Eyelashes: Slink & Flugeln Brise
Shoes: katat0nik
Poses: Flowey

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