Sunday, August 11, 2013

How NOT to Pick up a Chick in Second Life - Episode 11

Come on Up and See Me

So... I was out taking pictures with a flat cutout of Rodvik Linden, as one does, when a figure walked right up to me, IMed me, then went away very quickly. Most of our conversation happened with him a hundred meters away, a little green dot on my minimap, and I was floored by how quickly he just vanished; this entire exchange took part in less than five minutes, and by the time he hit enter he had moved away from where I was so I have no idea what he looked like in world except for a vague sense of dark tan skin in my visual field for a quarter of a second.

[U Giv Teh Seckz?]: hey how are ou
Deoridhe Quandry: Hello, I'm fine. How are you?
[U Giv Teh Seckz?]: great thank you
[U Giv Teh Seckz?]: 28 m canada here
[U Giv Teh Seckz?]: you?

This inspired me to check out his profile and despite his being over a month old it was literally empty except for his not-of-him profile picture, one group, and his Second Life page - which was full of pictures of him having sex, most of them threesomes and at some sex club, judging by the art on the walls. This is why I'm confident labeling him as one of a long line of sexual seekers on Second Life even though he was never overtly sexual with me.

Deoridhe Quandry: Old f Azure Springs.

Lest anyone think I'm giving anything away here, my avatar is clearly female (or he wouldn't have messaged me) and Azure Springs is where my Linden Home is.

Abandoned Wreck

[U Giv Teh Seckz?]: old? haha
[U Giv Teh Seckz?]: why you say it like that?
Deoridhe Quandry: Why did you say it like you did?
[U Giv Teh Seckz?]: hmm interesting
Deoridhe Quandry: Hel, why is offline data interesting? This is Second Life. Everyone's more interesting than their demographics.

He never responded beyond that - once again showing the sheer shallowness of interest these kinds of men have in women. I'm increasingly finding this question a compelling one, though. Given than online one can be anything one wishes,given how limiting demographics can be and how narrow the demographics sought (age, gender, geographical location), why is there such a significant population of people who always seem to start there? What is particularly compelling about these three demographics which drive them from simple chat protocols all the way through to an immersive virtual world like Second Life?

When I Think About You

( More pictures here. )


Skin: De La Soul, Candace Creamer
Hair: Underscore, Bad Medicine
Ears: Illusions, Seelie Ears
Eyes: De La Soul, Mesh Eye Rainbow
Eyelashes 1: SLink, Mesh Lashes
Eyelashes 2: Flugeln Brise, 05-A
Eyeshadow: De La Soul, Charlie Makeup - Ink
Lipstick 1: L.Fauna, Red 1
Lipstick 2: Mock, Mizu Venetian Red
Wings: Deviance, Sidhe UnSeelie Wings (Fantasy Gatcha Faire)
Gloves: Rosal, Unmei Gloves
Dress: Blue Blood, Ann
Corset: A&Y, Victorian Vinyl Corset
Boots: Schadenfreude, Leith Boots

Poses: Olive Juice

Location: Amras West - Swamp

Light Settings: Alchemy Immortalis, Dark Misty Night
Water Settings: Glassy

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping, only


  1. I have always wondered that too. It's way WAY more interesting that someone *chose* to put on some wings, or tentacles, or be blue, or short, or tall, or light haired, or dark skinned, or 4 legged, or fuzzy ... than it is what the randomness of life assigned them in a place they *didn't* choose.

  2. Not to mention all the fascinating things that people put in their profiles. It's such an odd thing, really.

  3. Some people just have no imagination. I've been approached in exactly the same way before, so it's not JUST the male of the species.

  4. Eh, honestly he was pretty mild. The guy whose TP I accidentally accepted who was on threesome poseballs and told me to "get on" remains by far the grossest. One nice thing about Second Life, is that usually they don't become abusive the way they do through other media.