Thursday, April 23, 2015

Fantasy Faire: Tangleshimmer Grove sponsored by Roawenwood

Tangleshimmer Grove is sponsored by Roawenwood and was created by Searlait Nitschke. It contains 18 stores. Nitschke spoke with Sonya Marmurek about both sponsoring and building a sim, the inspirations for her sims - including Tangleshimmer Grove, and her memories of prior Faires.
Deep in the heart of the wood is the secret place of Fairies. Golden light bathes the lush green as flowers dance and the early morning dew lays a glistening shimmer over the world.
Tangleshimmer 2

Tangleshimmer Grove is a lovely, understated dream of a sim with areas for peaceful contemplation all along it's wandering path. A river filled with speckled dots of lilies flows smoothly to the heart of the sim, where the Fantasy Faire logo is rendered in glowing purple, and then on under a lovely wooden bridge and into the ocean once more. The sim default lighting is gorgeous, and I highly recommend enjoying its pale blue skies, large fluffy clouds, and gentle shadows.

Tangleshimmer 7

This is a sim to take your time in, looking for all of the hidden spots of beauty scattered along your path like tiny jewels. The flowers and plants are cunning combinations of mesh and texture to make a wide variety which look good from many angles; I think my favorite are the cunning, jewel-toned ivy plants that drip pinkly over dark brown wood and emerald grasses. This looks like a smaller forest created in the wake of a giant tree falling, the tree itself transformed into tiny buildings.

Tangleshimmer 3

The other consistent theme in Tangleshimmer is rings - from the fairy ring seaside of the river, to the rings of stores placed here and there along the path. I found navigating a little confusing until I realized the store-rings were at each end of the path through the sim, closest to where it touched its neighbors. On the far side of each is a t-shaped pathway - one end of the t-top pointing toward the river, and the other directing you to the next sim! After that, navigating through was a breeze.

Tangleshimmer 15

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Light Settings: Sim Default
Water Settings: Sim Default

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping

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