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Fantasy Faire: The Lost Land Hunt - Part Two

 The Sea of Mists

This is the second part of my walkthrough - the first part is here. Like all of my walkthroughs of this sort - my text will be included in italics, with the Hunt text standard. I will add notes for things I found particularly challenging, and try to give a basic tips for how to start and what to do.  Make sure your media is on for the videos, and then we can get started!


Chapter IV: Find the Princess

The entirety of this part of the hunt takes place on Ravenshold.

This is very straightforward at first! Once on Ravenshold, go into the nearby tower (sit on the door to enter) and go up the stairs. You've found the princess!

Chapter IV: Find the Princess

Princess Flora: Hello! You're not ... no, you can’t be a servant of the Unweaver! You have more of a look of my dear lost Champions about you! Do you know them? Tell me one of their names so I know I can trust you!

Type in the name of one of the champions from Chapter III.

Princess Flora: Ha! You ARE a friend of the Champions! I thought you were! Good - you can help me rescue my dear Winter King!

Rescue ME? Oh, no - I don’t need rescuing.  But I do need help!

Of course, I wasn’t very happy at first when Ayaz Ata stole me away.  But over the years, alone here, we grew to know one another. I began to pity him because he was so lonely … and he was appalled by what he had done because I was so unhappy… and slowly, friendship grew between us. We saw how Winter and Spring could be united for the benefit of all. And … we fell in love.

But the Unweaver’s enchantments hold us here - well, they hold my beloved Winter King here - and I tell you, Hunter - I am NOT leaving without him!

However, I believe there is a way I can free him.  You see that I am weaving? I am making him a special enchanted shirt.  Once it is completed and he wears it, we will be married and able to take our true places in the Fairelands.

But I have a problem. I will confess - I am not a very good weaver. And I’m also sure that this wretched loom is enchanted. I sat down to weave the shirt but now, if I stop for even a few minutes, the thread breaks, the shuttle cracks, or the warp and weft tangle themselves so horribly that it can take weeks to repair the damage!  Now - that can’t all be me, can it?

I need someone to help me but in all these years no-one has come next or nigh this place. Until now!

First of all, I need more wool gathered from the Golden Sheep of Duttur.  I put them in a pen on the island to keep them safe from wild beasts, and locked it with a cunning gate. You will need to open that gate to find the sheep and get the wool.  The Champions’ steps will lead you to the true gate.

Be sure to wrap up warm - it's winter out there. Always WINTER.


Chapter V: Shear Determination

The sheep far is on the cliff opposite; when you click on the door you're given a word puzzle. You've already been given all the hints you need! Just click on each of the six letters to the side until you've spelled out the word, and you'll do fine. The one trick is that there are two of one of the letters you need - so keep the theme in mind! Once you're through the gate, click the farthest sheep with symbols in a ring around its ankles.

Chapter V: Shear Determination

You shear some wool from the White Sheep of Duttur.

Head back to the tower!
Princess Flora: Oh, you've got the wool! That’s splendid! But it is rather grubby.

Chapter VI: The Spring of Hope

Princess Flora: I'm afraid it will need to be washed - and only enchanted water from the Spring of Hope will do if the magic is to be kept. Look for the ten guardians of this land - they will lead you to the passage to the Spring.  You’ll find a flagon there to bring the water back.

Cave Entrance

You have already passed the guardians once. Once you follow them, you'll find a very deep cave with a symbol over the front - click it to get the riddle.

Once I was called the Hawk of Hildr.
"Nevermore", I said.
Like my kin at the White Tower, I hold fast to my home.
What am I?

This isn't such a difficult riddle, right? Through the gate is an enormous maze with a lot of going back and forth in order to find your way to the end. The end is gorgeous, though!

You dip the silver flagon into the Spring of Hope and fill it with clear, pure water.

Chapter VI: The Spring of Hope

Very kindly, there's a portal back right around the corner; time to head back to the tower!

Princess Flora: Well done - you’ve found the water!

Chapter VII: The Shuttle

Princess Flora: But - this shuttle for my loom is cracked.
Princess Flora: You know, this whole project would have been so much easier if I’d spent time learning to weave when I was growing up, instead of roaming the Fairelands and having adventures with my companions! I could tell you such stories … oh, yes. We’d better get the shirt finished before I tell any more stories. There should be a new shuttle in the chest upstairs … I call it the Champions’ chest.  It’s locked, I’m afraid - but I’m sure you’ll work out how to open it!

Chapter VII: The Shuttle

You: Of course she had to close this with a spell...
You: ... she sure has spent a lot of time in here to turn her locks into games...

It is a memory game - a lot of fun.

:::: The spell has been broken! :::
The cabinet door swings open and you take the weaving shuttle.

Princess Flora: This is wonderful.

Chapter IX: The Musician

Princess Flora: Now, I must just finish weaving the shirt but I’m awfully sleepy - I have been at this weaving for rather a long time! If you could play the enchanted harp as I weave, I think it will help me finish quickly.

Princess Flora hands you an enchanted harp...

You: Wait... what?
::: Repeat the sound sequences... Press start to begin...

Chapter IX: The Musician

I found what helped with the longer ones was coding the strings by number - 1 2 3 4 in order - and typing the numbers into a notecard. It let me keep track when I had a repeat of the same string four times!

You play the enchanted harp, allowing the princess to finish the shirt

Chapter X: The Wedding

Princess Flora: Oh THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU, for all you've done. Words cannot describe my gratitude...

:::  The enchanted shirt is finished, and you have fulfilled your quest :::
 :::  You have restored memory to the champions... found the Princess Flora... 
and helped break the spell on Ayaz Ata, the Winter King. :::
 :::  Now, there is only one more thing to do. :::

Princess Flora:  There's just one thing left to do *smiles*... would you join us? If so, take this portal...

A portal will open up on the wall off to your right, facing her. I found angling form behind her made it easier to see! Sit on the portal and you're teleported to the Chapel. All of the happy people you saved - Princess Flora and her groom, and all of the Champions - are gathered there to celebrate.

Chapter X: The Wedding
Razia: Welcome to the Wedding of Flora, the Spring Princess, and Ayaz Ata, the Winter King!...

Thanks to you, the Lost Land and the Princess have been remembered, the Champions have rediscovered the power of Imagination and the Winter King has been redeemed so that the Seasons may unite in harmony.

Take the gifts that we have prepared for you, great Hunter, and share in our joy.

When you click on the celebrants, they say things!

Razia: Thank you, once again. Please, enjoy yourself in the rest of this event... for today, we are in peace...

Ala: Thank you, noble Hunter - for freeing us all. For now the Fairelands are safe … but my magics tell me that we must guard against the Unweaver’s return.

Duban: My thanks to you, brave Hunter! If ever you find yourself in need of medical aid in the Fairelands, please summon me!
Duban: Look at my purse!... LOOK AT IT!

Britomart: My thanks to you, brave Hunter! We have defeated the Unweaver this time. And the Champions will be vigilant - for we know he will try again!
Britomart: I know you are impressed with the sword and all, but my eyes are right HERE.

Sun Wukong: Well done, Hunter. Hey, fancy a game of dice once this ceremony is over?

Arduinna: Thank you, brave Hunter! Here, take one of my beeswax candles to light you in times of darkness and trouble.
Arduinna: If I told that the way you move affects me, would you understand the joke?

Flora: Thank you so much for your help! Now the Winter King and I are united. Have you spoken with my Mother, the Bard Queen? She has a special message for you!

Ayaz Ata: Thanks to you - I am freed from the power of the Unweaver. But his power remains - will you return next year to battle him once more in the Fairelands? And I believe the Bard Queen has a special message for you!

Gassire: My thanks to you, noble Hunter! I feel inspired to compose again for our triumph and perhaps, this time, it will resemble that lost melody I have long been seeking.
Smelly cat, Smelly cat!
What are they feeding you?
Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat
It's not your fault...
Muromi: Thank you, Hunter! If ever you find yourself on the water’s edge, call to me and I will empower you to explore the wonders of the Faireland Deeps!
Muromi: This isn't even my final form!

Perkunas: A brave and a noble heart you have, Hunter - and you can now claim your reward. Then go forth with the blessings of the Champions!
Perkunas: Yes... my tattoos just vanished like that... It's magic, you don't have to explain it...

Razia: Wise and brave Hunter, thank you for saving us all. Now we can take up again our true role - defending the Princess!
Razia: The bouquet will be MINE!!!

Bisclavret: All debts are redeemed between us now, Hunter - my thanks for what you have done.
Bisclavret: You know that saying about the 'wolf in a sheep's clothing'? I could actually be the Unweaver right now, and no one would ever know... Thankfully I'm not, or this conversation would be weird!

On the other side is all of the treasure! Click on the giant treasure chest for massive inventory spam! You can also head back to the Bard Queen for some final words and a prize from her.

Bard Queen: Well done, hunter! You have stopped the Unweaver's plans and brought back hope to the fairelands.
Bard Queen: Once again, thank you, brave hunter. Your bravery and wits shall not be forgotten.

The Lost Land: Selfie


Written by
Saffia Widdershins

Designed and built by
Rynn Verwood

Scripted by
Encaitaron Korobase

Filmed and edited by
Saffia Widdershins

Sound recording
Zander Greene

Produced and directed by
Aisling Sinclair

Voice of The Bard Queen
Aisling Sinclair

Voice of The Princess Flora
Christy Grantham

Image of the Bard Queen
Aisling Sinclair
Image of the Princess Flora
Garnet Psaltery
Image of Ayaz Ata

Image of Ala
Sileny Noel

Image of Arduinna
Qwis Greenwood
Image of Bisclavret

Image of Britomart
Harper Beresford

Image of Duban
Terra Volitant

Image of Gassire
Matthew Anthony
Image of Muromi
Genly Dwi

Image of Perkūnas
Wulf Wodensson

Image of Razia
Aisling Sinclair

Image of Sun Wukong
Otenth Paderborn

Still Photography
Wildstar Beaumont
Alisaundra Andel

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