Monday, April 27, 2015

Fantasy Faire: Aurora sponsored by NeoVictoria

Aurora is sponsored by NeoVictoria and was created by Beq Janus. It contains 20 stores.

On a world plunged into ice age, men of science seek answers in the ethereal shimmering of the planets energy field. Meanwhile the Mystics tell tales of the unweaver at whose feet they lay the blame for their ice-age, their hopes for salvation lie in legends of heroes, ancient tales of lands across the dimensions, their faith hangs on finding the lost knowledge that can bring forth the confluence. The two factions, poles apart in their beliefs are about come together as myth and machine meet beneath the Northern Lights.

Aurora 5

NeoVictoria had already begun Faire events on the fifteenth of April. Called White Wedding, it concerns a fae scientist who flees the Sidhe Empire of NeoVictoria (itself a roleplaying sim) only to have the shade of his human wife come to the Fantasy Faire, seeking to free him from his despair.

Kaleidos of OtherSkin spoke with Sonya Marmurek about why she began to sponsor the Fantasy Faire, her personal loss, and her sense of identity in Second Life.

Aurora 8

Aurora is situated on a series of icebergs held together with plank bridges and - I speak from experience here - you do not want to fall off the edge! That water is cold! The ice glows in the sim default lighting, and I simply couldn't resist showing off all of this bright white against a night sky. The use of pale wood against all of that white is very fun; even the stairs look like squares of wood stacked and nailed together instead of something more complicated and dainty. No use for dainty at the end of civilization!

Aurora 12

Here and there are small signs of life. A troop of penguins with a pair left behind, warming their babies. The odd reindeer, lingering in lamplight long enough for a picture to be taken. Mushrooms the color of translucent sea ice rising out of the snow. Halfway through the sim, though, the perspective shifts. Metal steps lead up onto the mother of the lesser flotilla of icebergs, one which was cut into at some time in the past and now sports an enormous control center surmounted by a large gem. The aurora borealis swirls endlessly over the top as well, lighting things up brilliantly. I love the Russian-styled onion towers and the unexpected moment of realization that all of this spare nature and rough wood has been supplanted by the latest in fantasy technology.

Aurora 17

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Light Settings: Sim Default
Water Settings: Sim Default

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping

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