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Fantasy Faire: The Lost Land Hunt - Part One

The Bard Queen has returned with another quest for intrepid  fair folk and their allies, calling everyone to cross a road less taken and embark on a quest to awaken the Ten Champions of a Lost Princess and inspire them to battle the Unweaver and the Winter King. The week before the Faire there was a second trailer and Cinder Vale interviewed Aisling Sinclair about the hunt.

As a bonus, AviewTV,'s Chief Operating Officer, Secret Rage, talks to Sonya Marmurek about the organization's founder LaPiscean Liberty, why they are sponsoring Fantasy Faire for the first time this year, about why they wanted to sponsor the Hunt in particular, and the many plates Rage keeps spinning in Second Life.  

Your Intrepid Hunters!

Like all of my hunts of this sort - my text will be included in italics, with the Hunt text standard. I will add notes for things I found particularly challenging, and try to give a basic walkthrough for how to start and what to do.  One of the first things to do is to turn on your media if you can - as this hunt includes videos; if you can't run video, there will be links to the videos on YouTube, and I'll include those as well. The included text is the same as spoken text.

Above the fold, I want to say this was an extremely fun hunt. The story was cute, the technical aspect was flawless, and the puzzles were both really fun and not the bottleneck they've been in the past because they are HUD based. I love how smoothly the HUD works and how it helps you keep track of what you're doing. It is fun without being frustrating, and gives you a reason to check out the lovely places in the Fantasy Faire. I also adore the diversity amongst the Champions, and the bits of humor along the way in what they say - this Hunt definitely rewards checking everything out.

This Hunt has a nicely dispersed beginning - you can buy the HUD at any of the Fairelands landing points for 250$ (350$ for one which includes an outfit), and it counts as an RFL Donation. Wear the object sent to you - it's a golden Fantasy Faire Logo! - and click it so it sends you a folder. It will also give you a HUD Guide. Wear the HUD to get started; your progress is saved outside of Second Life, so it remains even if you have to replace your HUD, and the saving power was superior. I had no problems, and I saw many hunters along the way at the same time.

The Lost Land HUD Purchase Sign

Chapter I: A Mother's Request

In the folder where your HUD was is a landmark to your first stop - The Bard Queen

The Bard Queen

Greetings, Stranger.

This year I have drawn together the Fairelands for a special reason. 

Many years I have lived alone, guarding and guiding the Fairelands, but it was not always so.  Once I had a daughter, Flora, as fair and beautiful as the spring. She roamed through the Fairelands and wherever she went she found friends and companions who shared her delight in all things magical and fantastical.

But so much beauty and joy attracted the notice of the Unweaver who always plots against the Fairelands.  He whispered to Ayaz Ata, the Winter King, that such joy and beauty should be his, and his alone, and so Ayaz Ata, corrupted by the Unweaver, came with his minions to the Fairelands and stole the Princess Flora away.

I tried to save her - but she was taken, taken and lost beyond the Sea of Mists where I may not go. All that was left to me was a single lock of her bright gold hair … and for these long years it has been my most precious possession, the only sign that my beautiful daughter once lived with us in the Fairelands.

For when she set foot beyond the Sea of Mists, all memories of her began to be lost from the minds of mortals and fae.

To rescue her, I sent out my ten greatest Champions, each with an orb to guide them. Each orb contained memories of the Princess, to keep her alive and strong in the minds of all. But, one by one, my champions were overcome by the minions of the Unweaver.

Their orbs were hidden and they forgot the Princess, they forgot their powers … and they forgot the power of fantasy. For each of them, their lives were lost in the mundane.

Your task, brave hunter, is to find the champions. To help you, I will give you my most precious gift. I have taken the last lock of my daughter’s hair and have woven ten rings, one for each champion.

This is my last, desperate hope - that somehow these rings, which contain my last memories of my daughter, will awaken the lost champions and the memories of the daughter that they once carried. Only when you have those memories held in your heart will you be able to cross the Sea of Mists and find the Princess.

These precious rings of her hair are the final hope I have; guard them well, Hunter, and use them wisely. To begin, you should find the Book of the Champions. This will tell you more about the Champions, and help you to discover where they are now.

You will find the Books of the Champions in the place where …
( Link to Video )
Bard Queen: My Hunter - you must seek out the Book of Champion to guide you on your Quest. "No need to explore the Deeps. On the steps of the sea god’s temple, you will find the Book of the Champions, open for all to read."

Chapter II: The Book of Champions

The Book of Champions

The Book of the Champions introduces you to the central figures for the first part of the Hunt this year, and gives you history on Princess Flora, daughter of the Bard Queen. The Champions have become scattered in her wake, lost among the Fairelands, and it's up to us to find them! The handy links below take you to a biography for each of the champions, and the information there may be of help in finding them. There is also a notecard you're given when you click the book that includes the text I reproduced below.

Chapter III: Hunt for the Champions

Ala, the Priestess

Ala, the Priestess
She was the wisest and most learned of the companions. She had studied magic deeply for many years. Look for her on Sylvan of Spells where she has become a librarian.

Librarian: Shh! No talking in the library! What do you want?
Select "Ala" on the blue menu.
Librarian: That is a familiar name... But, are you sure you didn't mean Alia?
Librarian: ... and if you did... WHY WOULD YOU BRING THE NAME OF THAT...
Librarian: ... person...?

Select "Champions" on the blue menu.
Librarian: Champions you say? ... Yes, I remember that we have a book about the Champions somewhere. I can’t quite remember now. We really do need to introduce the Dewey system here - but the elves are worried that the dew will spoil the books!

Select "Orb" on the blue menu.
Librarian: I don’t give away information lightly, you know! I’m a librarian - I expect something from you too!

Select "ring" on the blue menu.
Librarian: This...
Ala: This reminds me ... An orb... You must find your fortune, and you will find the orb!... 

Ala's Orb

Mysterious Orb: I belong to...Ala

Ala: Have you found my orb yet? 
Ala receives the strange looking orb...
Ala: I remember now ... I remember the Princess! She could be impatient. She liked things she could learn quickly and easily like magic and the ways of nature. But things that required patience and perseverance - ah, those were harder for her. If she was left to study her book or sew a straight seam to a gown, it had to be in a room without a window. For if she were left alone, the woods and meadows would call her and she would be through the window and away till the evening and if she were scolded, she would simply smile and hug you... and we all forgave her. For she was a free spirit that no-one could confine. Thank you, brave hunter, for giving me back these memories. Let me give you a gift in return.
You are given a gift.

Duban, the Doctor

Duban, the Doctor
A traveller and a wanderer, he roamed far in his search for natural medicines that might cure his patients.Look for him on Wildehaven Marsh where he's become the village healer

Leech Gatherer: Who are you? What do you want? Do you need my leeches? I will help you if I can.
Select "Hi" on the blue menu.
Leech Gatherer: Can I help you? Are you injured or hurt in some way?

Select "Champions?" on the blue menu.
Leech Gatherer: Champions you say? Champions? For most of us, a doctor will always be a champion, don’t you think?

Select "Give ring" on the blue menu.
Leech Gatherer: What’s this? A ring of hair.
Duban: The color ... yes ... it reminds me of ... You must find the orb … this is all I remember - you will find it between a rock and a protector.

Duban's Orb

Mysterious Orb: I belong to...Duban

Duban: Have you found my orb yet
Duban: Ahhhhh ... I remember the Princess Flora! I remember now ... I remember the Princess! She had such a kind heart. Anyone lost or hurt or lonely was sure of her sympathy. Not very practical though, I have to say. I hoped her skills could be turned to healing but - for all her efforts - she could never bandage a wound correctly. I’ve seen her use three rolls of bandage for a cut on someone’s forearm - and as soon as he spread his hand, the bandages fell off completely! Thank you, brave hunter... For your help, please accept this gift.
You are given a gift.

Britomart, the Warrior

Britomart, the Warrior
Peerless warrior, chivalrous and brave. A life lived in castles, her place high amongst the greatest warriors of legend. Look for her on Spires of Andolys where she has become a jailer.

Jailer: Oi! You! Be careful I don’t find a reason to throw you in the cells.  You looks suspicious enough!

Select "Point." on the blue menu.
Britomart: Be careful, stranger, and tell me what you want quickly, for the dungeons here are dark and sinister and could house you easily.
Select "ring" on the blue menu.
Britomart: This ring ... the hair.  I remember ... I remember a globe, a light - light for the paladin ... Follow the path past Jack’s good fortune, but watch out for mis-directions (and rabbits)!
Britomart's Orb

Mysterious Orb: I belong to...Britomart 

Britomart: Have you found my orb yet 
Britomart: I remember ... Flora! Yes, The Princess Flora! Ah, she could have a temper. If she saw someone being unkind or cruel, her face would colour and she would march across the room to give that person a piece of her mind. I saw her once do so to a proud and noble lord who had brushed against a serving maid and caused her to fall. And he apologised to the poor girl with tears in his eyes. Britomart: Thank you, brave hunter... For your help, please accept this gift.
You are given a gift.

Sun Wukong, the Rogue

Sun Wukong, the Rogue
Brave and wise companion, but with a mischievous streak — for every adventure needs a rogue. Widely travelled in his own lands and abroad. Look for him on Ichi-go Ichi-e where he's "working" as a card sharp.

Select " Champions?" on the blue menu.
Gambler: Champions you say? You better not be talking about jailors... I have no intentions to see those any time soon.

Select "Orbs?" on the blue menu.
Gambler: Orbs? Like... Pearls? If so, then yes, stranger... I have seen many orbs used as currency in my games...
Select "Give ring" on the blue menu.
Gambler: Well, I usually ask for silver but ... wait a minute... 
Sun Wukong: Aha! I have a riddle for you ... When you leave the tree of dreams, the pod you find is not as it seems.

Sun Wukong's Orb

Mysterious Orb: I belong to...Sun Wukong

Sun Wukong: Have you found my orb yet
Sun Wukong: The Princess! Of course! I remember now ... She would create games and puzzles to amuse her friends, and then be astonished if we were not so adept in solving them as she was in creating them! I, of course, taught her all that she knew - perhaps, stranger, you will play a hand of cards with me later, when your quest is done. Thank you, brave hunter... For your help, please accept this gift.
You are given a gift.

Arduinna, the Ranger

Child of the forests, knowing the ways of plants and woodland creatures, beekeeper and wise adviser to all. Look for her in Tangleshimmer Grove where she has become a botanist

Biologist: Be careful! You nearly stepped on a very rare specimen!

Select "Champions?" on the blue menu.
Biologist: Champions you say? Champions? I am a champion of science, stranger! My task is to collect specimens and classify them, each according to their kind!

Select "Orbs?" on the blue menu.
Biologist: Orbs?... What type of orbs? You need to be more specific...

Select "Hi" on the blue menu.
Biologist: I’m sorry but I simply don’t have time for this. I’m on a rather important scientific mission here … unless you have an interesting specimen to share?

Select "Give ring" on the blue menu.
Biologist: This ring is a rather fascinating construction. I think I should examine it under a magnifying lens ... wait a minute!
Arduinna:  I know something of this ring. It’s ... yes ... it links to the orb - the orb that I bound so tight to the cherry sapling many years ago.

Arduinna's Orb

Mysterious Orb: I belong to...Arduinna

Arduinna: Have you found my orb yet
Arduinna: My Princess! Oh - how could I have forgotten you! How she loved to wander the meadows and lanes of the Fairelands! Far more than any court ceremony. Sometimes when a great ceremony was beginning she would wander in, her feet bare, the bottom of her skirts bedraggled with mud and her arms filled with flowers she had gathered. And she would apologise with a smile and all the court would all forgive her, for it was impossible not to love Princess Flora. Thank you, brave hunter... Please accept this gift.
You are given a gift.

Gassire, the Musician

Gassire was a warrior King who loved music so much that he abandoned his kingdom, took up his lute, and devoted his life to his craft. Look for him on Odyssey where he's earning coppers as a street musician.

Busker: Greetings, stranger. You would like me to play? What would you like to hear me sing?

Select "Sing?" on the blue menu.
Busker: You wish me to sing? Ah, for that I will require payment in advance!

Select "Orbs?" on the blue menu.
Busker: I’m not sure what you mean - but for a small fee, I’ll play you a song!

Select "Give ring" on the blue menu.
Busker: This...
Gassire: A token for my singing? Why thank you - but generally I prefer gold to ... golden hair. It reminds me of a song I once knew ... the orb ... You must travel high to the place that offers answers for your questions ... and you must cross the narrow way at the summit.

Gassire's Orb

Mysterious Orb: I belong to...Gassire

Gassire: Have you found my orb yet
Gassire: My Princess ... My sweet Princess Flora ... your notes sound in my memory once more ... I remember - as she wandered through the lands, she would stop and speak with the people that she met. No-one was too poor or too humble to be ignored. People reckoned cold or hard or forbidding would smile for the Princess, and tell her of their lives, their hopes and dreams. "Everyone dreams," she said. "You only have to help them see their dreams." Thank you, brave hunter... For your help, please accept this gift.
You are given a gift.

Muromi, the Water Spirit

Born to a dual existence above and beneath the waves, Muromi delights in her aquatic friends, who accompany her journeys through the waters. Look for her on YoZakura where she's found a job selling sushi - and she'll happily tell you all about it if you ask!

Fishwife: Fresh fish! caught today! You want to buy some?

Select "About Sushi" on the blue menu.
Here is how to make Smoked salmon and avocado sushi:
300g sushi rice
2 tbsp rice or white wine vinegar
1 tsp caster sugar
1 large avocado
juice ½ lemon
4 sheets nori seaweed
4 large slices smoked salmon
1 bunch chives
sweet soy sauce (kecap manis), to serve
Fishwife: Put the rice in a small pan with 600ml water. Bring to the boil and cook for 10 mins until the water is absorbed and the rice is tender. Stir through the vinegar and sugar, cover and cool.
Fishwife: Skin, stone and slice the avocado. Put in a bowl and squeeze over the lemon juice, turning the avocado to ensure the pieces are covered.
Fishwife: Divide the rice between the nori sheets and spread it out evenly, leaving a 1cm border at the top and bottom. Lay the salmon over the rice, followed by the chives and finally position the avocado across the centre.
Fishwife: Fold the bottom edge of the seaweed over the filling, then roll it up firmly. Dampen the top border with a little water to help it seal the roll. Repeat to make 4 rolls. At this stage, the rolls can be wrapped individually in cling film and chilled until ready to serve.
Fishwife: Using a serrated knife, cut each roll into 8 rounds. Serve with sweet soy sauce for dipping.
Select "Orbs?" on the blue menu.
Fishwife: What’s this orb thing? You need to go and find this orb? Then do it, and come back... I’ll sell you some sushi, yes?

Select "Give ring" on the blue menu.
Fishwife: What’s this? What do you want? What are you giving me?
Muromi: Oh ... this makes me think ... Listen carefully … Water nymphs come in many forms. Their song will guide you to the orb.

Muromi's Orb

Mysterious Orb: I belong to...Muromi

Muromi: Have you found my orb yet
Muromi: Ahhhhh ... what have you done? What has happened to me? The Princess! I remember now! She loved music dearly. Sometimes she would visit the mer and sit on the rocks among them, just to hear them sing their tales and myths. And she would comb their hair - a rare privilege to be granted a non-mer - and they would comb hers in return, and weave their most beautiful shells among her golden curls. Thank you, brave hunter... For your help, please accept this gift.
You are given a gift.

Perkūnas, the Poet of Strength

Some take Perkūnas just to be a hero with prodigious strength. But he is a master of words too — and he is always drawn to them. Look for him in Poppetsborough, where he has a new role in transport.

Railway Porter: Hey! What do you want? You can’t just get on that train, you know. Not without you pay me something for a ticket first!

Select "Champions?" on the blue menu.
Railway Porter: I've actually written several poems already about lost champions from the past.. Other than that, I have no idea what you mean...

Select "Orbs?" on the blue menu.
Railway Porter: What’s this orb thing? You need money to get into this place! Go and look someplace else!

Select "Errm" on the blue menu.
Railway Porter: Look - it’s no good you’re hanging around here waiting for an ticket to ride the train Either pay up - or clear off!

Select "Give ring" on the blue menu.
Railway Porter: What’s this? This isn’t even gold! It’s one of those stupid things like ...  like ... I remember a riddle ... Between river and rail, can you guess my location?

Perkūnas' Orb

Mysterious Orb: I belong to...Perkunas

Perkunas: Have you found my orb yet
Perkunas: I remember now ... I remember the sound of her voice ... the words we shared ... my Princess! Wherever the she is now, I know she will be strong, and brave, and resolute. Whatever has befallen her, she will not be crushed. She was the strongest of us all, the bravest, and the possessor of the most loving heart. You need to remember that, Stranger! Thank you, brave hunter... For your help, please accept this gift.
You are given a gift.

Razia, the Artist Archer

Razia is someone who was born to rule and famed for her skill in battle with a bow. But she is no ice maiden — she is an also an artist whose skill shows in her paintings. Look for her on Aurora where she's working as a sign painter.

Sign painter: Hello! What do you think of the artwork on this sign? Pretty sharp, eh? Like an arrow to the heart!

Select "Indeed" on the blue menu.
Sign painter passes them a picture of the Princess
Sign painter: This is pretty, isn’t it? I must have drawn it myself, long ago. Funny, I don’t remember doing that.

Select "Champions?" on the blue menu.
Sign painter: Champions? ... Yes, I remember some stories about Champions... Hey! Perhaps I could make a drawing of them!

Select "Orbs?" on the blue menu.
Sign painter: Orb? I think I had one of those myself … but I’m not sure it’s mine that you’re looking for.

Select "Give ring" on the blue menu.
Sign painter: This is pretty - I do like the design. I wonder who made it. It reminds me of something I once had ... an orb.
Razia: Where did I put it? I haven’t thought about it in years! Oh yes...  it was the one place on these ice floes where I found something growing ... if you could call them plants!

Razia's Orb

Mysterious Orb: I belong to...Razia

Razia: Have you found my orb yet
Razia: The Princess! Oh now my eyes are clear and I see her so well! Sometimes, at a great Ball, her mother would invite handsome Princes to dance with her - and we would find her, later in the evening, sitting with some forgotten old soldier and listening to his tales. "Everyone has a story to tell", she used to say. "All you need to do is to listen!" Razia: For your help, stranger - please accept this gift.
You are given a gift.
Bisclavret, the Animal spirit

A child of nature he seems, with mysterious origins and great skill in handling dogs. He set out to serve the Bard Queen with his staff, his wolf’s head pendant, and a simple pack. Look for him in Vallacia where his wolfish nature has led him to find gainful employment as a tax collector.

Tax collector: So ...have you come to pay your taxes? I can check my records and see if you’re in default. I’ll warn you - I have a savage way with defaulters!

Select "Taxes?" on the blue menu.
Tax collector: Of course! How else can we assure the economical stability of the kingdom and satisfy its social and urban needs? ... you're not the kind of person to run away from taxes... are YOU?

Select "Orbs?" on the blue menu.
Tax collector: Orb? I have no idea what you're talking about... I suspect you are looking for someone else’s orb.

Select "ring" on the blue menu.
Tax collector: What’s this? I hardly think that I can accept this in lieu of your taxes ... Wait a moment.
Bisclavret: I know this. I know ... I know you must find the orb that the Bard Queen gave me. But it’s been granted an export licence. It’s on a boat, but not one of these. A special boat from a fabled land called ... Italy.

Bisclavret's Orb

Mysterious Orb: I belong to...Bisclavret

Bisclavret: Have you found my orb yet
Bisclavret: I had forgotten ... it was all lost.  But now I remember. Now I know what I truly am. The Princess understood the cycle - that nature can be cruel as well as kind. She had a gentle heart - I have seen her weep for the death of a baby bird fallen from the nest. But she knew that for renewal to come with the spring, there needs to be the cold sleep of Winter ... and the animals responded to her, small and meek, strong and fierce - all saw her as a loving friend. Thank you, brave hunter... For your help, please accept this gift.
You are given a gift.

:::: Well done! You have found all the orbs and saved all champions :::

 Return to The Bard Queen  for the next step of your journey - you're almost done with the first part!

Well done, brave hunter!

You have found the orbs and, armed with memories of the Princess Flora, you may cross the Sea of Mists to the lost land of Ravenshold and rescue my daughter! 

Now that you have the memories of the Princess, I can give you this key, which you will need to unlock the Tower.

I wish you good fortune in your Quest.

( Link to video. )

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