Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fantasy Faire: Poseidon's Abyss

Poseidon's Abyss was created by Haveit Neox and is sponsored by Orionite, Boudoir, Curious Kitties, Azul, AviewTV, L'Uomo / Animations Rising, Stitched, Lorin's Sound Effects Shack, and the Sanctuary RP.

Sonya Marmurek spoke with Neox about his second year building for the Faire, his inspiration for building down into the depths of the sim, and the many people he collaborated with to create the sim.

Poseidon's Abyss 8

Lorin Tone of Lorin's Sound Effects Shack talked to Marmurek about why this is the first year he's sponsoring Fantasy Faire, his love of meeting people in the Fairlands, and what caused him to create in Second Life.

Miro Collas of L'Uomo talked to Marmurek about returning to sponsor the Faire, what fantasy elements he's bringing to his distinctive mesh bodies, and hints at some of his favorite moments of Fantasy Faire.

Poseidon's Abyss 16

Poseidon's Abyss is an enormous build by Neox, with his characteristic layered textures, movement, and brightness. It moves from across the surface of the water, past enormous figures and ships carrying images from past Fantasy Faires. I love the enormous fish, and the guiding squids and dolphins being continually wet by flying creatures of fantastical description. What they pull are museums of images from past Fantasy Faires, linking the whole thing to the past. Piles of buildings edge the sim like sand washed up from the continual movement of creatures in the bowl above the abyss, and the ring in the center is regularly reformed into a stage for various entertainments.

Poseidon's Abyss 3

To get into the abyss, you must go up first - climbing the stairs at the center-point of the sim and taking the angled walkway down into the depths, where treasures and bodies alike accumulate. Enormous figures lurk in the depths, watching in cool stillness for you to pass by. I love the use of all of the levels for this fantasy faire, offering us a real chance to sink into the depths.

Poseidon's Abyss 11

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Light Settings: Sim Default
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Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping

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