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Fantasy Faire: Sylvan of Spells sponsored by Merchants of Dreams

Sylvan of Spells is sponsored by Merchants of Dreams and was created by Sweetgwendoline Bailey and Eldowyn Inshan. It contains 19 stores.
Enchanted grove where our stories are collected and nurtured by mystic librarians. Books, scrolls and parchment litter the ground, the debris of the Forest of Enlightenment.
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One of the central events to Fantasy Faire is the Literary Festival, with an impressive calender of events! It begins in the evening of the 23rd at 5PM with an open mic event, which will be reproduced if it proves to be popular. After that, there are at least two or three events a day, and some days as many as eight or nine! It ends on Saturday at 8am with a discussion of the stories of the Hunt taking place during the Faire! Make sure to check them out.

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Plastik is another of the sponsors whose store is on Sylvan of Spells. Marmurek interviewed Aikea Rieko, about what led her to sponsor Fantasy Faire for the first time, some teasers of what she's offering this year, and her favorite Fantasy Faire memory.

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Sylvan of Spells is a foresty sim with an island hinting at dark secrets in its heart. Books are everywhere, and bookerflies flutter here and there around the top of the stacks. This is where the stories are told, and visitors can perch on the book chairs placed here and there in the open air. One fantastic touch is the small sailboats placed evenly around the island, each with information dancing on their sails. More papers dot the checkerboard floor of the forest and are draped over the bridge from the landing area to the island, and the second bridge over the World Serpent toward the heart of the sim.

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The heart of the sim is lovely, with soft music playing as you approach it, a lovely fountain, and a prayer in the Wiccan style. It's incredibly peaceful, with the sound of humming and the voices of many animals.

Maiden Mother
Lord Father
Once again you dance together
We witness the glory of your union
As the days grow longer
And the light grows warmer
Hear our celebration
And receive our thanks
May we live in harmony together
Blessed be.

Scattered around the outside of the sim are lovely little tableau of nature centered around tiny bays and the edges of the stores. There is also an Elemental Sim Hunt - more on that once I've figured it out!

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