Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How NOT to Roleplay in Second Life

One Look

I've had a pretty quiet time of it recently - no one really approaching inappropriately, though admittedly I'm keeping to myself. It seems that the assholes have other targets, though, and through a couple of intermediaries, the following stark example of what NOT to do fell across my lap.

Given I was just nicknamed Free Floating Bitchy, how can I not share with you all?

[2012/04/15 18:36]  [Sex Now, Maybe RP Later]: LOVE your profile pic.
[2012/04/15 18:36]  RPer: Thank you ^.^
[2012/04/15 18:36]  [Sex Now, Maybe RP Later]: What are you up to?
[2012/04/15 18:36]  RPer: Was looking around for Rp.
[2012/04/15 18:37]  [Sex Now, Maybe RP Later]: /me smirks "How do you feel about naughty erotic roleplay that's text based? No avs or pose balls to have in the way?"

Guys, I never thought I'd need to say this, but apparently I do - if one of your first comments to a women is an invitation for her to roleplay sex for you, log out of Second Life and google "erotica" to wank off. Expecting some stranger to just jump right into naughty erotic roleplay makes you an ASSHOLE.

[2012/04/15 18:37]  RPer: I enjoy that roleplay just fine, I just like to have story that goes with it.
[2012/04/15 18:37]  RPer: Not just... BAM... and now we fux.
[2012/04/15 18:37]  [Sex Now, Maybe RP Later]: /me chuckles
[2012/04/15 18:37]  [Sex Now, Maybe RP Later]: Agreed.
[2012/04/15 18:38]  [Sex Now, Maybe RP Later]: So let's set a story in motion, yes? First, what turns you on? What gratifies you?
[2012/04/15 18:38]  RPer: Well I guess that depends on the character.
[2012/04/15 18:38]  RPer: Right now I'm running around in a wolf.
[2012/04/15 18:38]  RPer: She's meant to be a shifter.
[2012/04/15 18:39]  [Sex Now, Maybe RP Later]: Tell me more. IS her natural form that a wolf? A human? Something completely alien?
[2012/04/15 18:39]  RPer: I get turned on by intelligence, and people that know how to write.
[2012/04/15 18:39]  RPer: Does that count?
[2012/04/15 18:39]  RPer: She's a garou.
[2012/04/15 18:40]  RPer: Human born, able to shift into feral.
[2012/04/15 18:40]  RPer: What is it that you're looking for?
[2012/04/15 18:40]  [Sex Now, Maybe RP Later]: /me grins "Garou. Did you play Werewolf, the Apocolypse?"
[2012/04/15 18:41]  RPer: I did once.
[2012/04/15 18:41]  RPer: But second life doesn't really support that.
[2012/04/15 18:41]  RPer: So I guess this is a bastardized version, for my pleasure.
[2012/04/15 18:41]  [Sex Now, Maybe RP Later]: But we could do something naughty with a World of Darkness theme if you like.
[2012/04/15 18:41]  [Sex Now, Maybe RP Later]: Does that appeal to you?
[2012/04/15 18:42]  RPer: Story appeals to me.
[2012/04/15 18:42]  RPer: I'm not looking for sex as a priority.
[2012/04/15 18:42]  RPer: I know that's shocking for SL and the "Rpers" in it.
[2012/04/15 18:42]  RPer: But yeah.
[2012/04/15 18:42]  [Sex Now, Maybe RP Later]: Heh.
[2012/04/15 18:42]  [Sex Now, Maybe RP Later]: I hear you.

No, he doesn't.

Out of Reach

[2012/04/15 18:43]  RPer: The way I see it is... there are a lot of willing sluts out there for quickies.
[2012/04/15 18:43]  RPer: I want something that lasts.
[2012/04/15 18:43]  [Sex Now, Maybe RP Later]: What should I be in the role? Any requests? Another garou you're attracted to but forbidden to copulate with for fear of a metis? A kinfolk? A mortal? Something odd like a mage?
[2012/04/15 18:43]  RPer: This isn't World of Darkness.
[2012/04/15 18:43]  RPer: You should be what you want to be.
[2012/04/15 18:44]  [Sex Now, Maybe RP Later]: It can be in our IM windows together if we wish it.
[2012/04/15 18:44]  [Sex Now, Maybe RP Later]: How about a mage then..
[2012/04/15 18:44]  [Sex Now, Maybe RP Later]: Order of Hermes.
[2012/04/15 18:44]  [Sex Now, Maybe RP Later]: An outcast, though.
[2012/04/15 18:45]  [Sex Now, Maybe RP Later]: Got a liiiiitle too friendly with the wolves for The Order's liking.
[2012/04/15 18:45]  RPer: I would prefer it be kept freeform ya know?
[2012/04/15 18:45]  RPer: What do you Rp here as?
[2012/04/15 18:45]  [Sex Now, Maybe RP Later]: Here? Something completely different. A tiefling from the pages of D&D's Planescape setting.
[2012/04/15 18:46]  RPer: Tiefling... nice.
[2012/04/15 18:46]  [Sex Now, Maybe RP Later]: Thanks.
[2012/04/15 18:46]  RPer: I did that once, but she was a fail character.
[2012/04/15 18:46]  RPer: I have the worst luck with dice throws.
[2012/04/15 18:46]  [Sex Now, Maybe RP Later]: I.... you seem very interesting and I love what you're all about. but I think we're after different things tonight.

Maybe you should read back and pay attention to nearly the first thing she said. Oh, right, reading skill... not a requirement for roleplay, apparently.


[2012/04/15 18:47]  RPer: I think so too Sir.
[2012/04/15 18:47]  RPer: You want a fast fuck by the sounds of it.
[2012/04/15 18:47]  RPer: And I want long term Rp.
[2012/04/15 18:47]  [Sex Now, Maybe RP Later]: No...
[2012/04/15 18:47]  RPer: Lots of things turn me on and inspire me to write.
[2012/04/15 18:47]  [Sex Now, Maybe RP Later]: I want a series of long term rp's that start with a ffast fuck.
[2012/04/15 18:47]  RPer: But I'm not interested in being someones 20 minute whore.
[2012/04/15 18:48]  RPer: Sorry. :-\
[2012/04/15 18:48]  [Sex Now, Maybe RP Later]: /me rolls his eyes "Yes, because that's EXACTLY what I wanted by trying to create a backstory as an order of hermes."
[2012/04/15 18:48]  [Sex Now, Maybe RP Later]: Thanks for making me feel demeaned.

Isn't this rather like someone hitting themselves in the head with a hammer, then complaining about the hammer hitting them? Dude, if you're not willing to roleplay through two characters meeting each other, why in the Nine Worlds should anyone believe  you'd stick around after the "fast fuck" you were looking for?

Credibility. You no haz it.

Caged Butterflies

The next day, post first strike warning followed by what I hear was an epic flameout that included muting the admin who gave the warning, this showed up in a Seeking RP Group Chat:

[Sex Now, Maybe RP Later]: Topic for discussion: does running a sim cause a person to go crazy? Or does being a rp admin only attract crazy drama-adicts? Go.
[Sex Now, Maybe RP Later]: I think it's that all the bad players grind down the nerves of the admins... until they lose perspective and start seeing the worst in people... and making bad decisions.

No, dear. You ARE one of the bad players.

Rising from the Shadows

( More pictures here. )


Skin: De La Soul, Aestali - Cream Rose
Eyes: De La Soul, Rainbow MESH
Eyeshadow: Lolapop!, La Llorona Eyeshadow - red and black
Eyelashes 1: *X*plosion, PrimLashes
Eyelases 2: Flugeln Brise, 05-A
Ears: Illusions, Mystic Ears
Lipstick: Mock, Mizu Venetian Red
Hair: Wasabi Pills, Cocoa Mesh Hair (promotional item)
Wings: Fancy Fairy, Azarelle
Necklace: Favole, Falling & Surrender
Dress: Evie's Closet, Fable Gown - Red
Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui, Skully pumps - red

Poses: doll.

Location: World's End
Light Settings: Sim Default
Water Settings: Default

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping only

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