Friday, April 20, 2012

2012 Fantasy Faire: Falln Angel Creations

Azlyn Silks

I have the great pleasure of showing off all of Falln Angel Creations' exclusive items for Fantasy Faire, and Azriel really pulled out all the stops this year. His first outfit seems like it was made for me - it's RAINBOW! A set of rainbow silks is a really amazing thing, and these also have a velvety texture and a beautiful pattern on them. They come with two bikinis - one set black, and the other white. They can be mixed and matched, as you see in the middle. There's also a scarf that hangs over the back. All of the outfits are modify-ok, which means if things are a little too long it's easy to shorten them up. I found it fit mostly out of the box, though; I just needed to make the hips a little narrower. If you love this style, there are many other silks in a wide variety of colors available.

Mianoa Robes - Fire

Mianoa Robes - Ice

The Mianoa robes are one of my favorites;I own this outfit in orange, and featured it on my blog. The combinations of colors is really striking, and if you're prone to being a wandering ghost to terrify the grid you really can't do much better - whether your of a fiery nature or more icy.. Like most filmy outfits, you will have to deal with alpha occlusion errors, but the layering of levels seems to balance it out nicely and I didn't have too much difficulty snapping these pictures (everything is unedited - this is how it looked in Second Life). I adore the corset style on this outfit in particular - I love the dark tone and the curve of cloth around the waist; it makes me enormously happy. This is a bit of a more complicated fit for me, since I'm a round fae, but I think most body types will find it fits easily out of the box.

Owl Outfit

Anyone who lived through the eighties should recognize this outfit from the movie Labyrinth - only remade in shades of red and black instead of the white and cream in the movie. This is a men's outfit, but all I had to do to fit it was to reform the ruffles on the chest. it comes with the boots and the necklace - both also in the style of the movie. As you can see the boots are a touch too large, but I rather liked the effect; like I stole into Jareth's closet and went wandering around in his clothes. I particularly like the cloak in this outfit - it really looks raggedy and rough.

Owl Gown

Not to be undone by Sarah's clothing, Azriel made this awesome dress for women to match the Owl Outfit - complete with the amazing feathered collar. If you clook closely, you can see the collar isn't quite fitted perfectly; I'm going to need to sit with it a while to move feathers around to fit my tinier neck. It looks amazing to me, though - the rich texture off the shoulders, the matching roughness of the skirt. I see matching up my boyalt with Deoridhe in concordant outfits for some future pictures; I really think these outfits would look very striking together; if you aren't as fond of red, both are available in an enormous amount of other colors at Falln Angel Creations' Main Store.

Sanaka Dress

Sanaka is another outfit I've featured before, and is another dear favorite of mine. I love the skirt, and the amazing arm and leg bands. In this case, Azriel took single colored petals and re-imagined them as a fade. I love the combination of gold tips with the cooler inner petal colors and the slightest hint of red at the heart. It's really an amazingly striking, and I hung out in it for a while once I was done with pictures, just to enjoy. The only thing which would have made me happier, was if the petals were RAINBOW!

Next faire, Az! Next faire.

( All pictures here. )


Skin: De La Soul, Aestali - Cream Rose
Eyes: De La Soul, Rainbow MESH
Eyeshadow: Damned, Rainbow 2 II
Eyelashes 1: *X*plosion, PrimLashes
Eyelases 2: Flugeln Brise, 05-A
Ears: Illusions, Mystic Ears
Lipstick: Mock, Opal Lipcolor Dark Kiss
Hair: Wasabi Pills, Shiki Mesh Hair (promotional item)
Wings: Fancy Fairy, Azarelle
Outfit: Falln Angel Creations promotional items
Feet: SLink, Women's Natural Barefeet - rigged mesh

Poses: Glitterati

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping, mixing, and reorganizing

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