Monday, April 23, 2012

2012 Fantasy Faire: Devil's Locket


Devils Locket is a multi-layered sim, with a wonderful curve of above ground stores and then a hidden wonderment below covered in crystals and with hidden, furtive aquatic creatures - and in two cases enormous, shiny aquatic creatures. I wore my gorgeous Spyralle outfit to match, and I'm still hanging out in one of the De La Soul skins released for the Fantasy Faire; she has an item in the silent auction, too, which looks well worth the linden. I played a bit too much with windlight, which made it difficult to shop but lovely to view, because I thought a world made in hues of blue and pink would match both well, and bring out the shininess of my Alice Project shoes. I added a necklace set from Eclectica which I adore (it always reminds me of chandeliers, so I thought it suited the bright formality of my gown), and finished it all of with gorgeous hair from Wasabi Pills with a cute ponytail and some fun dangling wisps in front of my face.


One thing which has struck me doing this rush of pictures and posts is how curious it is to have a list of things worn that were all promotional items, and many of them promotional items from a single event. In most of my pictures so far, only a handful of things were paid for by me and all of those predated this event by quite some kind. I'm building up a significant backlog, too - one which won't get much play during these events - and friendly relationships with a number of different stores. I mentioned to one of these store owners, partly jokingly, that I am a leech on the creativity of others. I do believe I'm adding something extra, but the quality of remixing is one which is becoming increasingly curious to me, especially as the interactions between me and creators become more thinned - where I give feedback, and then see that feedback acted on. Recently, I ran across the idea that much on the internet (and by extension human creation in general) is remixing; we all build on each other - sometimes explicitly and sometimes implicitly. This becomes fuzzier around copyright law, and Second Life has seen some really negative responses to people being inspired by each other or by similar sources. I like the idea that I'm part of a complex web of creation, though; that I am one of the visible faces of that creation - combining sim creation, clothing, and skins to make something unique and beautiful.


( More pictures here. )


Skin: De La Soul, Beatrice Ikon - Pearl (promotional item, Fantasy Faire Donation)
Eyes: De La Soul, Rainbow MESH (promotional item)
Eyelashes 1: Flugeln Brise, 05-A Planty
Eyelashes 2: *X*plosion, Prim Lashes
Mask: Spyralle, Rhapsody Mask (promotional item, Fantasy Faire Donation)
Lipstick: Croire, Glittery Gloss - Barbie
Ears: Illusions, Mystic Ear
Hair: Wasabi Pills, Annette Mesh Hair (promotional item)
Jewelry: Eclectica, "Opulence" - gold (promotional item)
Wings: Spyralle, Rhapsody Fractal Wings (promotional item, Fantasy Faire Donation)
Dress: Spyralle, Rhapsody in Purple Gown (promotional item, Fantasy Faire Donation)
Shoes: Alice Project, Faelin Pumps - Vibrant Iridescence

Poses: Pffiou!

Location: Devil's Locket - Sponsored by Rustica
Light Settings: TOR, The Pink Tower
Water Settings: Glassy

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping, only

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