Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fantasy Faire: De La Soul - Violent Daemon, Female

I have the distinct honor of showing you one of De La Soul's offerings for the Fantasy Faire - Daemon in Violent. Daemon in other colors are available at her store and on the marketplace, but Violent is a color just for Relay for Life. I was completely overwhelmed with the extras, including two sets of wings, a shape, and a matching loin cloth!

I'm showing just the female options, but don't be fooled! There are male daemons, too, and man are they fine!

Pose: pda, Run Run Run

Almost this entire avatar, except for the bodysuit and the hair, is included. Skin, ears, horns, eyes, tail, wings, and hooves all come together and match perfectly. The lips are slightly tinted red, like you just applied lip gloss, aka the blood of the damned! The tail moves languidly, complete with an adorable tuft at the tip of it (I have no idea how she pulled that off!). The hooves are alpha layer included, and come with tufts at the knees and also over the hooves, as you can see.

Violent Avatar

Violent Infected Avatar
Pose: Long Awkward Pose, Barbie9a

There are four skins included - the standard Daemon skin with and without cleavage, and then Chelle's special "Infected" series, where it looks like your skin is being taken over by a futuristic, glowing disease. I have to admit I have a soft spot for an infected daemon; the slight glow of the skin, the texturing, the fade from one color to the other - it all seems completely unique and awesome to me.

All of her Daemon skins come with these additional Infected versions, which gives you two avatars for one - in effect!

Poses: (behind boxes) Attituede, phone 1 (in boxes) pda, Run Run Run

As if the basic daemon isn't enough - Chelle has made the wings and hooves customizable into many colors; too many for me to easily count them all! First the wings; this is a small sampling, and give you a hint of some of her other Daemon skin colors. Color changing is through a simple click menu, and you can change tint as well as texture to add individuality to your wings. In addition, different areas of the wings can be changed; play around with it and you'll be amazed at the customization.

Pose: Long Awkward Pose, Barbie9a

The hooves are similarly customizable, the little horn at the back of the heel changing with the hoof color. If you change the hooves, you can actually change the horn parts of your entire set - which is very handy if you're going for a theme. Otherwise, wear the pieces individually to mix and match.

2011-03-31 DLS Fantasy Faire 2_001
Pose: Glitterati - 001

I highly recommend checking out her store, too (here I am, showing it off with my wings and hooves made all rainbow!), for all kinds of fun things and some other Relay for Life and Japanese Relief Fund purchases. Above is a picture of her adorable Relay Kitty Cat - a completely unique furry skin. You can also see I'm using the included shape and Loincloth above; the rest of the pictures are all in my own shape, but I thought I'd give you a peek at the included shape as well. As you can see, the skin works well with a variety of shapes - the only tweak I've had to make is to make my lips a little fuller.

2011-03-31 DLS Fantasy Faire 2_002
Pose: Glitterati - 003

Here I am, back in my own shape. I did very little editing to make the loin cloth work - just moved it down a smidgen and whoa, shiny goodness! I thought I'd give you a peak at her Rising Sun Makeup and Tattoos for the Pacific Crisis Fund, too. I previously included them in a photoshoot, but I didn't put in all the variations so you can check those out here.

2011-03-31 DLS Fantasy Faire 2_003
Pose: Glitterati - 009

Finally, I wanted to show you these glorious angel wings, also included with the Daemon Avatar. Advertised as "freshly ripped from the back of an angel," they really turn up the complexity and available variety for the Daemon avatar. This really is a purchase not to be missed.

( All pictures can be found here. )


Skin: De La Soul, Charlie - Daemon Violent - Infected
Eyes: De La Soul, Luminis - Violence
Hair: Tekelo-li, Eve GenII
Wings: De La Soul, Daemon Wings - Violent (Closed)
Lingerie: Reasonable Desires, Black Vixen
Ears, Horns, Hooves and Tail: De La Soul, Daemon Violent

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