Sunday, March 6, 2011

Slither Resurfaces in an Unexpected Place

I'm sure most people have the Slither Jewelry Set in their inventory (if you don't, let me know and I'll drop it on you; I adore it - Random Calliope released it full perms a long time ago, so that everyone could enjoy it).

I was startled this morning when I received a notice of a new jewelry for sale from Kiera Seda of Sacred Roses which appeared to use the Slither jewelry but without attribution to Calliope. Hoping there was some error, I contacted her privately about my confusion and she stated that since it was released with full perms, she could use it in any manner she wished without attribution.

When I expressed dismay at what I saw as a lack of integrity - she is, after all, passing off someone else's work as her own - she questioned my integrity and stated I probably "insulted" people all of the time (for pointing out that what she admitted to doing had little integrity, which I maintain it does not).

I had been hoping she would have the gratitude for Calliope's legacy to mention him in her advertisements, and that a private word would bring that about, but that is apparently not the case. As such, I feel it really necessary to speak out about this through the only medium I have at hand - my blog.

I am unsure if Seda is using other full perm items without attribution, but for her "Eve's Temptation" necklace she certainly is, knowingly so, as admitted to me.

Original Slither:

Reuse of Slither_002

Seda's Re-use of Slither without Attribution:

Reuse of Slither_003


  1. Leave it to some two bit so-called creator to completely take another's work and call it her own.

    This is the state of SL now.

  2. I don't think denigrating the creator is required in this instance. I have no opinion worth stating on Seda's other creations at her store; I simply wanted to make sure the facts of this event were set out clearly for people to make up their own minds.

  3. This is stupid as everyone knows that Random made this. And disrespectful, as it is completely outside of the spirit in which this was released full-perms.