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Fashion For Life: Helmut Newton

Helmut Newton is like stepping through time to the future.

Set up as a series of hexagons, stacked high, the designer for Helmut Newton won my love forever by not making them phantom, so I could settle myself up above the heights and angle pictures to take advantage of the spare and elegant design. It's space aged in feel, but without being either trite or alien, and the decorative palm trees mixed in with a few trees which looked a lot like cherry trees was really striking.

The entrance in particular is very striking - tall, interlaced hexagons in pure white with a few bars of black to set them off. In the right lighting it almost seems to glow. The contrast from it's neighboring sims was particularly stark - both of them are dreamy in style and floral or medieval. Helmut Newton is thoroughly modern, using high contrast lights and darks with the few hints of gray here and there standing out all the more due to their rarity.

Looking for Where to Go

One other thing I loved was that you could run scripts in Helmut Newton, which meant if I wanted to change the color of something I didn't need to dash off home to use scripts, but could just change it right there on the streets. Very time saving for the time crunched fashiophile trying to take her pictures before the sims close around her.

In Helmut Newton, I particularly like the black cross hatches on the corners of buildings, here and there. The buildings are a white and gray fade, made to look even lighter by the dark bars which are angled so they aren't ever quite even. Unseen until you're closer, though, is the thin white line which makes the bars seem even sharper in design - it's a gorgeous detail characteristic of the high level of skill which went into the Fashion For Life builds.

Symbolically Encircled

Each sim so far has had large areas without stores, often hidden behind them. I was surprised when exploring Helmut Newton, though, to find a cute little seating area as well - up in the gray mountains. Dark black in contrast to the bright white of the rest, it reminds me of A Brave New World, where the majority of the population lived in happy, conditioned ignorance in a sterilely bright world that was run by a hidden council that manipulates them all from the shadows.

The mountains otherwise are natural trees unbounded, settled along rolling curves with only a hint of what hides beyond the walls visible from within them. It makes it almost a shame the sim is a no-fly zone, since that means most people will walk down the path proscribed for them without ever venturing outside and finding the mysteries left by the creators.

Light Overhead

You can't clearly see the Broken Heart Jewelry from Earthstones, but it's a lovely, simple set with just some simple cord holding it in place. I love the bright blue of the Lapis as well, and this may end up reprising in my Light Blue picture set if I ever manage to take it.

Reale's Night Flower Dress is perfectly offset by it - a lovely drape of dark fabric with flower rosettes at the shoulder and hip. I particularly like the lean line of bare skin from the chest to the hip, curving under one breast - it's an unusual design, hinting at the delights below the fabric without being too obvious about it. The skirt is asymmetrical; I know that isn't high fashion these days, but I love it.

Jewelry: EarthStones, Broken Heart Set - Lapis
Dress: Reale, Night Flower Dress
Shoes: G Field, Rose Bootie "Diva" - Black and Silver
Pose: HopScotch, Who's There 4 (with lantern prop)

Up to My Level

The Azazello is a dress I was dubious about, I'll admit. Butterfly wings never seem to work well in dresses - the alpha layer issues often cause problems, making them a confusion for the eye which, much as I love the patterning of butterfly wings, annoy me too much to wear. This skirt is a revelation, though. No alpha issues I could see, a wide, lose skirt in the style of a tutu and yet somehow appearing like a formal ballgown. The fur shoulder piece is an awesome touch as well. Not something I would have thought to add to butterflies, it makes it seem that much more elegant. I'd recommend passing on the shoes, though. While I was initially psyched they were included, they're of an old, freebie style that doesn't do the rest of the outfit justice.

Dress and Shoes: Vindi Vindaloo Creations, Azazello Dress
Pose: pda, Gently I'll Wake You

Upon Entrance

The Logo Everyday Pearls were a surprise and a revelation. I bought them on a whim, having a number of dangling pearl necklaces which I spent time trying to fit to my chest. Being a big-chested girl, I often have to spend some time fishing pearls out of my skin mesh and re-settling them so they sit correctly. I put on Everyday Pearls, moved them down a little (I'm almost always shorter than the builder) and they fit perfectly. I love how they tumble over my curves, somehow combining elegant and casual.

The Baiastice dress is more on the elegant and professional side, which is part of why I bought it. I don't have much of a professional type in my inventory, as usually I'm bouncing about in formal Lolita style or flippy, casual dresses. I like how it's both layered and sleek - the skirt can be worn without the shirt prim addition, though I haven't tried it yet - and it wears well with a pair of sharp heels.

Necklace: Logo, Everyday Pearls
Dress: Baiastice, Riyau dress - black
Shoes: G Field, Rose Bootie "Diva" - black
Pose: Elisa, I had a dream 2

Elegance Upright

Leezu is a store I love, but don't indulge in often. The prices are very high, the style almost too runway to be worn around and right on the edge of my style. When I saw A Mon Insu Gown, though, I simply couldn't resist. The flowers around the torso are done with Leezu's characteristic skill - easily moved to fit with my slightly rounder, much shorter shape. The arm covers give a hint of Lolita, while the hat is pure High Fashion, and the wings of fabric off of the shoulders give it a startlingly fae edge.

Dress: Leezu, A Mon Insu Gown
Shoes: G Field, Rose Bootie "Diva" - black
Pose: Ks2cool, Pose84-90

Dancing on the Edge

The Melli Butterfly Dress, from Aleida, was another risky splurge on my part. I'd not seen the store before, and it's always a challenge to step outside your comfort zone, especially with a full on purchase instead of trying out a couple freebies first (which is my usual cycle). It's a lovely, color-saturated dress, but with some alpha issues which thankfully disappear in photographs but which linger and flicker in world. The belt line is awesome, though - I love the effect of petals, especially layered with flexy skirts, and this is no disappointment. There's also a lovely lace effect to the torso, especially where it frames the breasts and the back.

Dress: Aleida, Melli Butterfly Dress - purple
Shoes: G Field, Rose Bootie "Diva" - purple
Pose: Alchemy Immortalis, French Boudoir 1910 Stand 08

The modern simplicity of Helmut Newton is wonderful to enjoy, a true space of peace for the eyes. It was a lot of fun to angle myself against the levels and lines to find novel ways of presenting this gorgeous build.

Credits for all pictures:

Skin: De La Soul, Charlie - Cream (Phoenix) (with blond brow tattoo)
Eyes: Tacky Star, Pride
Ears: Illusions, Mystic Ear - Fairy
Hair: Audacity, Kissed - Ginger
Wings: Fancy Fairy, Azarelle Wings - tinted to match

Location: Fashion For Life - Helmut Newton: sponsered by KMadd Enterprises
Light Settings: [TOR} Eurphoria - Natural High

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping only

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