Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fashion For Life: Ansel Adams

Stepping into Ansel Adams is like stepping into a pared down, Art Deco Hollywood. palm trees dot in between low, long stores interspersed with daring skyscrapers - at least for California. All of the lines are clean and white, but squared off unlike Helmut Newton which pushes into a hexagonal wonderland. White on white Art Deco influences show up here and there in between tall panes of class and equally tall palms.

So all my poses will be model-esque, at least my view of models. I'm not a model in Second Life, and I'm unlikely to ever be one, except maybe on an alt. I'm too attached to Deoridhe's shape, to her being short, and curvy, and cute. In a world where changing your shape is a matter of numbers and minutes, being a model has become a matter of stretching out your sliders to fit the demand of the creator.

Apex of the Curve

If I were a creator, I have no way to know if I'd do differently. I'd like to think I would cater to different body types, but it would be all too easy to make shiny clothes for my shape and height and forget the world is a whole lot taller than me. Issues of scale come up a lot in Second Life, where the bodies of avatars are out of pace with the bodies of people out in the "real world," not due to anything planned by people but rather due to how far the sliders are divorced form any external measure.

I've spent a lot of time learning to change clothes for my body - and it wasn't until years after I first stepped into Second Life that I realized a lot of other people changed their bodies to fit their clothes. I've never actually bought a shape, either; Deoridhe is largely the creation of my first day in Second Life, and my alts have all been shaped by my plans for them (one sexy, the other elegant); only my male alt struggles with an ugly shape, in my opinion, but none of them fit the standard model in Second Life that I see very often around me.

Full On Drama

Which raises the question, really, in a world where anything is possible, how do our internalized stereotypes affect us. Second Life Deoridhe is a lot thinner than her offline counterpart, for example, though I tried to model her face off of mine. What does that say about my own relationship with the body that doesn't go into Appearance Mode? Deoridhe is blond and blue eyed, like me and what seems like the majority of Second Life. What does that say about my relationship with race and how much I identify with seemingly unimportant aspects of my appearance?

This is a world where anyone can be beautiful; what does what we think is beautiful say about us?

White on White

Donna Flora does wonderful things with combining sculpties and textures, and her Luzie dress is no exception. This time she's added a twist - multiple recolorable pieces, which makes the simple ruffly design into something truly playful and fun. I ended up dashing off home to quickly cycle through a bunch of choices, finally settling on as many colors at once.

Outfit: Donna Flora, Luzie Dress - black
Shoes: G Field, Bow Strap Shoes "Kate" - black
Pose: Long Awkward Pose, C-Barbie9a

A Star is Born

The Maylee gown, from Lalei, captivated me when I saw it. I loved the fade of colors, form a more saturated blue through to a slightly grayed blue green, all with a pattern carrying it through. It turns out there's also a cute bow in the back, meant to hit where your back curves. I had to shrink this down quite a bit - thank you mod ok! - and so the flow was disturbed a little. I think on a taller avatar, it would also be a lot fuller since you don't have to worry about your skirt going half a meter into the ground!

Outfit: Lalei, Maylee Dress - Azure
Shoes: G Field, Bow Strap Shoes "Kate" - black
Pose: KSCreations, Pose12-20

Slide Down Sweat Softened Skin

The Marilyn gown by Purple Moon is pure Red Carpet drama. I love the curve of the hem, from thigh length in the front and flaring out into a dramatic train in the back. The flower on the hip is just icing on the cake. The patterning on the torso finishes the gown in a gorgeously classy way, shiny enough to match the drama of the skirt, but not so over the top that it tips into garish. Anytime I wear this, I'm sure to turn heads!

Dress: Purple Moon, Marilyn - Burgundy
Shoes: DV8, Steam Vixen Shoes - Carnelian
Pose: Olive Juice, Handsy Runway

On Top of the World... Again

Vogue is a store I've run across, but honestly I don't think I ever had an outfit from them. The Sashenka Gown is a pleasant surprise, even if I think it's more like Shashenka Lingerie than anything that should be worn out in public. The curve from the breasts down is lovely, though, as is the hint of sheer fabric carried on down into the skirt.

Dress: Vogue, Sashenka Gown - Pink
Shoes: G Field, Ribbon Slingback Shoes - raspberry
Pose: Striking Poses, Camera Candy 9

( See more pictures here. )

Credits for all the pictures:

Skin: De La Soul, Charlie Nude
Cosmetics: Ag Cosmetics, Stained Face - Cherry Tart
Eyes: Tacky Star, Pride
Ears: Illusions, Mystic Ear - Fairy (tarnished)
Hair: W&Y, Model Hair 14 - blond
Wings: Fancy Fairy, Azarelle Wings - tinted to match

Location: Fashion For Life - Ansel Adams: sponsered by Designing Nicky Ree
Light Settings: [TOR} Eurphoria - Natural High

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping only

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