Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday Meme: First & Recent Challenge

In true Berry style, Strawberry asks us to look back into the shadows of our birth - to the avatar we were when we hit the grid. I decided to do three comparisons; one of my 2006 avatar, who I spent ages on and then never stayed - I made the dress! One is from 2008, when I "really" started on the grid. And the last picture is, of couse, my current avatar, all shiny and new.

First and Recent

My first blog post was essentially a bridge between Gaia Online - which I was spending the majority of my time in at the time - and Second Life. It was almost a year after I had started in Second Life, and I had been taking pictures for only a short while beforehand. This was long before my LEA Guide, and even before my Newbie Resources - which I started as much because I wanted free stuff and was outfitting my alts as anything else! I briefly had a guide to the starting area, but that was obsolete almost as soon as I did it! So far as I know, the starting area has never reverted to the rather complicated setup it was when I took my alt Sainmhiniu through and took pictures.

Over time, this blog has swung through a lot of different things - but it's start was about images and blather, and I like to think both are the thru-line.

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  1. OMG you weren't always a fairy!!!!!!!!

    1. Deoridhe Starr (Ms. 2006) still isn't a fairy! The fairy started with Deoridhe Quandry (Ms. 2008 & 2015).