Saturday, June 4, 2016

Midnight Madness: You See Right Through Me

See Right Through Me

Midnight after the first Friday of the month, and the noon after that, is when Midnight Madness takes place. An event which allows 1500 people to click a mania of sorts; unlike a traditional mania, where the prize is delivered after a gap in time, this one is delivered immediately. Most of the stores involved restart their sim right before to discourage campers, and there are strict ARC and scrip rules in order to minimize the inevitable lag as hundreds of avatars divebomb the sims in search of high quality, free items.

Which is what inspired this look. Letting midnight gifts from [LCKY] and [ SAKIDE ] meet a noon gift from #EMPIRE (by far the hardest to get!) in order to create awesomeness. In most cases the noon and midnight prizes are different colors in sets, but [LCKY] and a few other stores offered up  different styles or items. The quality is undeniable; the timing is a nightmare! It's worth it to check up on the Midnight Madness, though, and build your plan for next month.


Hair: [LCKY], Galina (Midnight Madness)
Hands: .aisling., Morigan
Outfit: [ SAKIDE ], Lahra Dress (Midnight Madness)
Shoes: #EMPIRE, Hibiscus (Midnight Madness)

Cat: Culprit, Prrmbah Driver Mike
Windows: +Half-Deer+, Faux Window

Pose: Grafica, Ahana
Location: My Platform
Windlight Settings:TOR, MIDDAY Vintage Village

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping

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