Friday, June 3, 2016

Poppin' Penguin Hunt!: Summer Lovin'

This was a pretty straightforward hunt, most of the popsicles nearby and placed so you can see them. Many of the stores have hints - good ones - and there were only a couple where I either couldn't find the item or couldn't buy it. It cost me about 20$L for the hunt prizes which cost; not bad, overall, though I prefer free hunts of course! I took pictures of the prizes below, including alts when things were couples poses.

1. The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee - Ice bucket hat

2. PRISM - Shirt and pants in standard sizes

3. The Artist Shed - sand bucket with flowers

4. Redrose Jewellery Store - pearl earrings and necklace

5. .{Eclipse}. - applier only shorts

6. MISS JEWELL - side tattoos

7. Sevyn East - bikini (texture and omega) and sunglasses

8. Waffles' Babygirl & Gacha finds - dress (texture and mesh skirt piece)

9. =^.^= Furry Fashion =^.^= - pink and purple jackets, standard sizes, male and female

10. SANNA - SCIENCE and ART - Animated Textures Full Perm - animated pinup art

11. Slipper Originals - purple sandals (Slink, TMP, Maitreya)

12. .:Joplino:. Poses - giant ball with leaning poses

13. GRUMBLE - towel dress in standard sizes

14. Euphoria Couture - bathing suit in fitmesh and standard sizes, sunglasses, headband

15. Bound & Bitten - martini seat with kissing animation

16. ! CurVtiude! - found it, but I can't buy, pay, or touch it

17. Koala (two prizes) - bikini and surf jacket with omega appliers

18. ::styled@random:: - men's shorts and bikini (appliers only)

19. QUE RICO Design - Advertising up the wazoo - three pool floats with poses, no copy

20. Coull Creations - mini dress in standard sizes

21. ThatChick - sandy beach mound with rainbow towel and umbrella

22. *StoryTeller* - no sign of it

23. Carrie's Lingerie - bikini and cosmetics in texture and appliers

24. Dilly Dolls - Slink kitten heels

25. Artistic.Rage - top and skirt in Maitreya and standard sizes

26. Windlight Workz - Greenhouse

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