Saturday, June 4, 2016

LEA 26, 27, 28, and 29 - Pop-Up Art

The 5 Dimension group is made up of Betty Tureaud, Tansee, Gem Preiz and Mandel Solano - all of them collaborating for four sim wide events through June. One of these events is the Pop Up Art Event, where artists created images which literally pop up when one walks over their disk. Two of the artists won prizes - Frankx Lefavre and NaTas Janus - but all of them are on view at the 2650 level of all four sims. One hundred dots were placed down for people to buy and build upon, and thirty-five creations were made. It's incredible to experience - walking onto an image and watching art appear around you. The topics, styles, and effects are variable; most of them have an animated effect, and a few are interactive. Definitely check these out before they vanish with the change of AiR at the end of the month!

1. Interlock Chaos by Elle Thorkveld

2. Bad Hair Day by Tansee

3. Art Tornado by Jadyn Firehawk 

4. The Kid in You by Jadyn Firehawk

6. Untitled by Theda Tammas

7. Emptiness by Romy Nayar

8. Tiger mask by Lemon

9. Quadripolar by Rage Darkstone

A. Flyers by Oberon Onmura

B. Modelling Boy by Silas Merlin 
(Based on "Modellerande Gosse"  by Frans Oscar Teodor BERG (1839-1914). dated 1878)

C. PrismParticle by Tansee

D. Untitled by Betty Tureaud

E. Samson by Starax Statosky

F.  Reflections on Virtual Reality by cyberserenity

G. Ballet of Pearls by ve nus

H. Jeanslens by Lemonodo Oh

I. The Interactive Meditation by Isadora Alaya

J. Artwork by Kurk Mumfuzz

K. Lingering doubt by Roni Saundres

L. Remembrance by Secret Rage

M. Sculpture 100 Dinamic Abstract by Barret Darkfold

N. Coccynelle by Coccynelle Appletor

O. Corpus HyperHypercubus by NaTaS Janus

P. Veljkissa by Instincta van Helsinki

Q. Flowerrez by Veyot

R.  POPelephant by 2nis Sands

S.  I really don't like fish and chips by Moewe Winkler

T. Untitled by alpha-auer

U. Dance Platform by Betty Tureaud

V. Untitled by Frankx Lefavre

W. The artist is absent by Daruma Chu Ann (Hermine)

X. Gamete by Slatan Dryke

Y. An Absent-Brained Professor by iSkye Silverweb

Z. Calliope by Janine Portal

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