Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sunday Squee: Bare@Rose's Raffle

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Bare@Rose: Deepwater Steam Innsmouth

One of the most generous offerings on the grid is the raffle at Bare@Rose. It goes 24/7 all through the year, an ever-changing avalanche of items. Some are seasonal, some are unique, some are plays on items for sale in the store - all of them are up to Bare@Rose's standards of quality and style. Sometimes there are themes - like an extended Magical Girl set that includes several outfits and a slew of accessories, or the steam set which branches out into instruments and vehicles. It does take some time - raffle prizes are given out every four or five minutes - making it an awesome place to park yourself if you're going off to do something else, or a place to hang out with some friends. In that context, extras from the Raffle Gods become something fun to pass out to your friends, or the odd newbie who comes your way! There are male and female items both, and a lot of accessories are gender neutral, so don't let your masculine tendencies bar you from the glory of Bare@Rose freebies.

Bare@Rose: Macaronchan

I have been an enthusiastic enjoyer of Bare@Rose's Raffle for a long while now, but in addition to the awesome freebies there is also a totally jaw-dropping assortment of clothing for sale for a lot less than one might expect. Every now and then a discount card might be dropped as well, making picking up a few items like the Chocola shoes I show off well within the reach of even the most cash-strapped newcomer. Once you have a purchased item, find a staff person in the store and ask to be added to the VIP Group for weekly announcements and alerts to the Friday dances (often with prizes available) and the occasional hunt (lovely, with fantastic sets and stories). Bare@Rose is one of the gems of Second Life, supporting a wide variety of body types and genders, offering up a cornucopia of inexpensive options for people new to the grid, and serving as a sweet place to hang out and enjoy the sheer variety Second Life has to offer.

Bare@Rose: Maho Floflower

Deepwater Steam Innsmouth:
Body: Bare@Rose, Deepwater Innsmouth (Raffle Prize)
Cloak: Bare@Rose, Steam Cloak (Raffle Prize)
Outfit: Bare@Rose, Steam Polynesian (Raffle Prize)
Instrument: Bare@Rose, Steam Violin with Animation (Raffle Prize)

Skin: Falln Angel Creations, Feline Feral Calico
Hair: Analog Dog, Mash
Eyes: Eye Shop, Fantasy Rabbit Eyes
Ears: Falln Angel Creations, Elf Ear Celeir
Outfit: Bare@Rose, Macaronchan (Raffle Prize)
Shoes: Bare@Rose, Chocola
Pose: Long Awkward Pose, AO

Maho Floflower:
Skin: Falln Angel Creations, Feline Feral Calico
Eyes: Eye Shop, Fantasy Rabbit Eyes
Ears: Falln Angel Creations, Elf Ear Celeir
Hair: Bare@Rose, Maho Hair (Raffle Prize)
Crown: Bare@Rose, Magical Tiara (Raffle Prize)
Backpack: Bare@Rose, Mahou Randsel (Raffle Prize)
Outfit: Bare@Rose, Floflower (Raffle Prize)
Shoes: Bare@Rose, Maho Sandals (Raffle Prize)
Pose: Long Awkward Pose, AO

Location: Bare@Rose Main Store
Windlight Settings: Sim Default
Water Settings: Sim Default

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping

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