Saturday, August 27, 2011

Peaster's Jester

Painted Sunset

Peaster's Castle is an amazing hunt. You start in the Castle Build - which I photographed earlier - hunting for different symbols hidden all over. Clicking a symbol lights it up on your HUD (bought for 100$L) and gives you both a clue and a landmark. You follow the landmark to a store, then hunt in the store for a key - finding both key (which then lights up on your HUD) and getting a gift. Then you return to the castle and hunt for the next clue. Once you get to the end of the hunt, find all the symbols and the keys, you get a very entertaining lights show in the middle of the Castle and get taken to a super secret hiding place for more prizes!

The hair I'm wearing, from Calico Ingmann Creations, the dress, from a new-to-me store Lilith's Den, and the tattoo, from Fallen Gods, are all prizes from this hunt - along with an entire bevy more. A lot of them are rezzable things - graveyards and suchlike - and I've only gone through the first fifteen or so keys. I think it's only going on for a few more days, but I highly recommend putting in the effort! Not only is the build adorable, but the prizes are well worth it.

( More pictures here. )


Skin: De La Soul, Kei Cream
Eyelashes: Flugeln Brise, Eyelash 05
Lipstick: Skinthesis, Liquid Heat - Red Hot
Tattoo: Fallen Gods, Legend Tattoo - flame
Ears: Illusion, Mystic Ear
Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations, Amie - blond
Wings: Fancy Fairy, Azarelle Wings
Dress: Lilith's Den, Peasterina Jesterina Dress
Shoes: G Field, Square-toe Shoes "Sophie" - red

Pose: Long Awkward Pose, Fantasy-Faepose12

Location: Angeleno Heights
Light Settings:
Water Settings:

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping only

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