Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Month of the Blog: January 2015

The year started with a tangle, but I got off the ground early and finally began the The 86 Aspects of Composition project. I've gotten some very good and interesting responses from the artists I'm featuring, some in private messages on Flickr and others on the images themselves, through Plurk, or even here on the blog. Along the same theme, my favorite, under-appreciated post this month was Art and the Single Avatar, where I spent entirely too much time explaining why I often take images of myself at artistic events, instead of just focusing on what the artists created.

I started a couple of other blog challenges this month, too - A Year of Weekly Themes, which has shown itself to be a lot of fun, and Colour! Colour! Colour!. For both of them I'm focusing on single images instead of my typical six - and overall I've cut back a great deal on the number of images I'm taking for posts, though I've been stepping up images from roleplaying events and the like. It's definitely a real time savings, even if I miss some of the quality of having a lot of posts exploring a place and an outfit.

Behind the Bar

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