Thursday, February 18, 2016

Enchantment: The Last Unicorn Hunt

In addition to a ton of awesome items, most of them clearly inspired by The Last Unicorn, Enchantment is also running a hunt to encourage you to visit the thirty stores offering up free goodies inside a book. For ease of travel, there is a HUD which also give out hints for each store; it is an enormous HUD that I ended up tucking off to one side so I have enough screen to hunt with. I love the idea of built in hints, though - it makes things so much simpler, and many of them are charmingly redolent of the books themselves. Where I've hit a hiccup, I'll add in an additional hint of my own to take you a step further, but overall these books are not hard to find.

It's a fun hunt with a reasonable number of stops and some truly amazing prizes - many of these will be showing up on my main account as well as on the lovely Bizarre, my Unicorn!

Images of the prizes are below the cut!

Gold Coin Crown.
Azoury: I am side to a table

Silver star hairpiece.

Black Tulip: I dreamed of being a human being, 
and I don't know what to make of it. (Poses & Props)

Bow fascinator, with or without veil.
chocolate atelier: Look at the top!

Eyes and eye sparkles..
Cole's Corner: Look at ALL THE BOKEH. THE SHINIES they compel you!

*Figment*: She will remember your heart 
when men are fairytales in books written by rabbits

Two pieces of art.
Against the Wall: Come near me when you're froze and I will warm your hands and toes

Dress. Earring and Necklace set.
Plastik: Keep it secret, keep it safe (closer than you might think)

Two scarves.
Purplemoon Creations: The puppies are talking about it (cherry hunt)

ROQUAI poses: We love to sway, through times we 
change, but never restless to climb, are our forces combined

RazzBerry Inc.: Looks like Bearchie has taken up reading

Rezzable butterflies with five poses.
Bella Elephante: Swish & Flick a bit of magic does the trick! (both swish AND flick!)

*NAMINOKE*: Look at back of bunny which have muff's Vendo

Rezzable snow globe.
deviousMind: Mary finds a Unicorn to be RARE indeed (Beauty points the way)

Two horns - one with frill one without.
Snowpaws: When children draw,  you get the best art of all.

Flower and horn earring.
Bliensen + MaiTai: Feed me, Seymour, feed me all night long

Wall tapestry.
Whimey: fit for kings and queens

White lingerie.
Glitzz: I believe in dreams! (Lots to do here!)

Lipstick applier.
PICHI: Four looooong leg

Silver horn earrings.
striped mocha: stop and smell the flowers

Satyrs Moon: Seek out the part of one whose love can grant you immortality

Unicorn wall decoration.
Fiasco: The carpenter was working on it

Narwal Toy.
Doe: You'll never know what you'll find up there

Butterfly earrings.
Wiccas Wardrobe: You do not wanna miss 
that when you are at the cinema (It's award season)

Two unicorn horns, gold and teal.
Aii The Ugly & Beautiful: A dragon guardian

Little Branch: NO SHOW

Horn and flower hair ornament.
.::Viv.a! KIDS Store::.: In the rose perfume is the essence of the unicorns

Blue mermaid body.
Mermaid Treasure Boutique: You'll find me in a room with a view

Voudou Doll
*LuLu Mainstore*: may be in the doll closet?

Wall lantern.
Noble Creations: Are unicorns for real? I must do some research....

Dysfunctionality: Fuel for the fire, the popular hearth is home

Black star ivy.
E.V.E. Studio: Elvis and Bowie has this star in common (There are several decoys)

Unicorn horn headband.
TABOU: I need to rest and drink a cup of coffee while watching the beautiful landscape

Gold unicorn statue.
Nymphai: You are the last of your kind, just like Amalthea! 

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