Friday, February 20, 2015

21 Shoe Fountain

21 Shoe Fountain

This is just a small preview of the shoes that will be available for only 24 hours on the 21st of February for the 21 Shoe Event. Each come in a set of two and there is a wonderful mix of style, color, and variety between all of the stores I've seen so far!

21 Shoe Fountain Detail - Bliensen and MaiTai
Bliensen + MaiTai brings us a lovely matched set of heart heels that come optimized for SLink, Belleza, CMFF, Maitreya, and TMP. The heart itself is color-changeable between eight colors, including the red shown, which offers up a lot of options. I love the combination of both a simple black, which lets the heart stand out, and a fun polka dot that extends onto the heart itself!

21 Shoe Fountain Detail - House of Rain
House of Rain offers up a matched set of boots festooned with shiny swords. They come with an alpha, but the SLink alpha will work with them as well. I want to draw your attention to the heel - made up of a larger, longer version of the smaller swords which ensure you will be unable to unlace these boots without at least a little bloodshed!

21 Shoe Fountain Detail - Ingenue
Ingenue brings us a completely adorable pair of flats - really nice as a contrast to all of the spiky heels this month! I really like the cute anchor pattern included on the vamp and tongue of both. They come fit for SLink, Maitreya, and Belleza feet. The brown and blue are also very harmonious, and these would be perfect for finishing out that sailor suit or fifties dance gown of your dreams.

21 Shoe Fountain Detail - Lassitude and Ennui
Lassitude & Ennui has clearly decided to corner the market on lacy shoes, and these new ones with the zipper detail are completely charming. It also comes with a HUD which lets you change the color of the sipper between gold, silver, and black. I love the fact it's half unzipped, and the extra touch of the thicker banding over the open toe and along the top of the shoe. The rounded platform and narrow heel also go well together, offering a sexy slip on that will go with any lacy lingerie!

21 Shoe Fountain Detail - Sax Shepherd Designs
In a rustic follow-up to all of the pearls last time, Sax Shepherd Designs created some metal-and-leather combo slip-ons for us this month. I particularly like that the vamp-bands are uneven and slightly rough - it makes them seem much more realistic. They come with a HUD which will allow you to mix and match the metal and leather colors. I love the open weave-work of this shoe, and it makes a fantastic slip-on that can be dressed up or down depending on your mood!

21 Shoe Fountain Detail - YS & YS
YS & YS offers up the widest variety so far this month; a pair of slip-on, open toed, lacy spike heels with a smooth edge, and patterned platform heels with an elegant ankle strap supported by counter with a cut-work design. The similarity of the shape of the vamp holds them together, though - a lovely arch in from both sides that frames the toes of the foot beautifully!

I hope you agree with me that our fountain runneth over this February 21st!

( Details for the Fountain here. )


Bliensen + MaiTai, Valentina - Black and Polka Dots
House of Rain, Daggers Boots - Grey/Black and Red/Black
Ingenue, Danja Oxfords - Denim and Saddle
Lassitude &; Ennui, Lucy Heels - Black and Rose
Sax Shepherd Designs, Embrace Stiletto - Mixable Brown/Black and Silver/Gold
YS & YS, Capri Sabot Lace and Madrid Tapas Red

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