Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Meme: Milestones

Taking a Walk

It took Strawberry a while to figure out what to write for today's Monday Meme - and I can understand why! Milestones are big things, but they are also intensely personal - a number of my biggest milestones would mean nothing to anyone else. I like the idea of marking them, though, both because it gives a standard for how far we've come, and because it offers up what we value most truly.


My first milestone as a blogger was when someone I didn't know first started sending me things to blog. I have always purchased more items than anything, and never applied to be an official blogger for anyone or anything, mostly because I viewed myself more as an art photographer than a fashion one. One thing I did do was send notices to people when I "featured" them, meaning when I wrote about them in a blog post. Knowing how thrilled I felt whenever anyone acknowledged my work, I thought they might feel the same (and indeed, I've ended up with a number of friendships through these outreaches).

Mechanical Future

One day, though, a sample of hair that said "blogger pack" was in my inventory - unasked for. It was a store I had blogged before - one I had blogged rather a lot - and I was both floored and amazed. Wasabi Pills became the first creator who offered me a change for full access to her hair, and I've faithfully blogged her for years, always adoring the changing styles and the chance to try out all the colors, even if I ended up gravitating to golden regularly. I was there for the first days of mesh, through petite avatars and beyond, and for everything from pigtails to butt-length tresses.

Iced Berries

In time, I've become grateful in particular for having on hand styles I might not have otherwise tried, finding they pushed me into new avenues and added to my creativity. The interplay between avatar, creator, and landscape is what I'm really trying to capture in my blog, and Wasabi Pills has helped to shape how I blog today. I was truly lucky to have such a generous person send me things, and it set the tenor for most of my relationships with creators even when we didn't end up on each others' friends lists!

Against the Rising Tide

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  1. That is a wonderful milestone! I never thought of even mentioning that as part of my milestones but it is definitely a great one. The first designer to do that for me was Zaara Kohime, who is now my best friend, but I still recall that day happily. Thank you so much for sharing Deoridhe. <3

    1. Thanks so much for the excuse to go down memory lane! <3