Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fit for a Princess: Rose Angel

Arrival to the Temple

This amazing, ankle-length gown in contrasting colors with a metallic sheen is a new release for Fit for a Princess from Greymoon. I've had the pleasure of watching this store mature through time, and this dress is one of the best yet. It is hard to pick a favorite aspect, but I'll pick a few and wax rhapsodic. Firstly, there is the silhouette - a high necked gown with a cutout along the back. I love how it brings us almost all the way to fully covered, only to bring in some sex appeal from the back. That combined with the three quarter length sleeves and the cross-cut colors truly make this an amazing, interesting gown. Secondly, there is the rigging and folds. The skirt is beautifully designed with enormous, rounded folds that move gracefully with a variety of poses. The quality of fabric is most evident here, something heavy and glossy that will buckle heavily under it's own weight. Thirdly, there is the texturing. I love the interlocking diamonds and how varying their shades is used to set apart areas without making it too blocky - the golden hues on this red gown are particularly fine. The gloss is simply amazing, and made pictures a lot of fun to light; you can see how the reflections really sell the contrast between gown and skin, one mostly matte while the other is high gloss. Greymoon has really outdone herself with this gown, and left me hopeful for future wonders.

Water Pause

I paired it with delicate jewelry set from Krystal, also released at Fit for a Princess. Perfect for Valentines, these gold hearts are set with perfect diamonds set within lovely swirls that frame a second, internal heart with a single, teardrop jewel. I love her jewelry and these are particularly fine - different thicknesses of gold wire adding to the verisimilitude. I love how simple the chain is as well - just a band - and I was able to increase the size of the necklace to fit well over the high collar of my gown.

My other favorite accessories for this look aren't from Fit for a Princess, but they are lovely none-the-less. The crown I'm wearing is a Gacha Mania prize from Modern Couture - one of about five, of which I landed two. I love the style, the delicate branches, the well-formed roses, and the dangling gems. The colors are lovely, and I had fun placing it so that the metal wires fitted into the braids of my gorgeous Wasabi Pills hair from Love is in the Air - it forms a heart in the back! The biggest addition to this look are these amazing wings from Remarkable Oblivion which have taken over the grid, however. I love the perfectly formed and enormous roses a lot, but even better is the streamer-style of the wings, which make them at once decorative and intriguing. Wing tops and roses are set to catch the light like metal, but the feathers themselves are more dully textured, like leather or felt, which offers up a fascinating contrast under light. The also fit well, with the main part of the wing slightly curved; with a little angling I was able to set each wing into my shoulder blade so that it was seamless. They are a striking addition to any look, adding both drama and class to the mix.

Reflected Glow

( More pictures here. )


Skin: Izzie's, Irene
Sparkles: Folly, Rainbow Sheen
Hair: Wasabi Pills, Valentina (Love is in the Air!)
Coronet: Modern Couture, Aurora (Gacha Mania)
Ears: .:Soul:., High Elf
Eyes: .:Soul:., RooMee
Eyelashes 1: SLink, Mesh Lashes
Eyelashes 2: Flugeln Brise, 05-A
Eyeliner: Belleza, Neon Eyeliner
Lipstick: Adore & Abhor, Shreveport Lips
Wings: Remarkable oblivion, Eternity Wings
Jewelry: Krystal, Precious Heart (Fit for a Princess)
Hands: SLink, Rigged Mesh Hands
Nails: A:S:S, Glamour Silk
Outfit: Greymoon, Diamond Duo (Fit for a Princess)

Pose: !bang

Location: The Centaurs' Hall
Light Settings: Sim Default
Water Settings: Sim Default

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping

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