Thursday, June 5, 2014

LEA May: Cyber Orthodox by Igor Ballyhoo

Regular Process of Splitting Things

I managed to sneak in to Cyber Orthodox, by Igor Ballyhoo, on it's final day. I always forget about LEA6, which changes every month and so there's a small window to check it out, but I've very glad I caught this before it vanished. I think what startled me the most was the very dry sense of humor inherent in many of the names - in particular the orthodox and unorthodox hypercubes. The setting was so very dark and somber, with the giant gray wickerwork walls blocking out view of the other sims, and heavy dark platforms and stairs leading between the different displays. I really liked how he did the titles for most of the artwork in gleaming gold text hidden alongside it, though I'll admit at times it made it difficult to get art and name in one image - since I couldn't return to double check any notes I took, I thought that was the most sensible way to go about it.

2014-05-30 Cyber Orthodox_002

There was often a sense of movement, too, within the darkness of the build. A few different sculptures were in constant movement, including Orthodox DNA and Hypercross of All Seeing Eye. Others just seemed to move, like the event of the Unorthodox Hypercube as one moved around it; the use of light, shapes, and transparency gives it an uncertain quality which fits what it is trying to represent - an n-dimensional representation of a cube. My favorite by far had to be Orthodox DNA, though; both inside and out, it is lovely. In pictures before I went to see the art myself, I thought it was the welcoming gate under which one would enter. Instead, it was one of the displays - on the outside quite staid and quiet, but within a gorgeous glowing representation of DNA in a box made of stars. I loved the combination of stars, and spin, and small round windows; the effect is simply gorgeous.

Inside Orthodox DNA

The overall theme seemed to be of the vagaries of image, time, and creation - on how things move and change, and how that relates to a variety of religions, from the ancient Greek to modern Christianity. Constriction, restriction, and freedom all are shown in their own places, each leading to the next and spinning around to the beginning again. All three can be both internally and externally applied - all three can bring us both positive things and negative. The things which set us free sometimes come with their own sets of chains, which even the heat of the sun can't melt.

Madonnas in Cloud

( More pictures here. )


Location: LEA 6
Light Settings: Sim Default
Water Settings: Sim Default

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping, only

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