Sunday, June 22, 2014

SL's 11th Birthday: Cake Stage

Cake Stage at a Distance

The Cake Stage holds a mixture of live and DJ events, and has been built for a combination of listening and dancing. Since it's on the mid point of two sims, it can hold much larger crowds than any other venue at the Birthday Celebration. It is best viewed on a night setting with Advanced Lighting Model on, if you can manage it. The designer, Loki Eliot, has done previous notable projects for past Birthday events, including the Behemoth which gained a lot of attention last year and had a really fun hunt included. He did astonishing things with light both inside and outside of the futuristic build. It shows up best against a very dark backdrop because everything is made up of moving light, which manages to be impressive both moving and in stills - not an easy feat by any means.

Free Gifts

Long bridges lead into the stage area from the surrounding sims, giving it a sprawling sense despite being smaller than some previous Cake Stages, which were on the meeting of four corners instead of two halfs. It has a less staged and more club feel to it, with a large, open dance floor that goes up several meters with mostly unobstructed views. In addition to the floor level for dancing, there are glowing platforms in the air to stand on and a few boxes that can serve as seats stuck to the walls. In between the boxes, one for each sim, there are two long window viewing rooms, complete with glowing seats and "free stuff" coins. Within the coins are a couple of backpacks, one made for breasts (thought smaller breasts than mine by far) and a whole selection of glowsticks which leave particles behind, and are really neat.

Eye on the Prize(s)

( More pictures here. )


Location: Cake Stage on Astound and Enchant
Light Settings: TOR, BIG SUN Eats night

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping, only

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