Monday, June 9, 2014

Fashion For Life: Souvenirs Hunt

Prize Board II
Prize Board I

There is a little additional quest for Fashion for Life this year, involving a bevy of souvenirs which you can collect and use to stamp your passport and then turn in the passport for one of the above prizes. The passports are available at the landing points for free - just click on the sign and one will be winging your way.

Each souvenir is 50L, and can be found in a standard Relay for Life vendor near the Gacha machines. Each sim has a hard-set landing point, but the links I'm including should give you a marker to where the gacha are in each sim. I by far found finding the gacha areas the hardest part - so hopefully this will smooth your path across so many sims.

You wear the passport, and then wear the souvenir. The souvenirs work once, and after that they are fun and playful souvenirs of the event.




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