Friday, April 11, 2014

How NOT to be a Peer in Second Life

In Unison

So, several times now I've gotten a random, unsolicited invitation to a group called Suicide Dreams from an avatar named Adam01DaxterALT who has hidden himself from search to be more difficult to find. Based on it's description it's a support group for a narrow spectrum of people - something really for a narrow line of avatars, not random invites, and not something I was interested in becoming involved with.

"Suicide Dreams is a peer to peer advocacy daily support group for people who deal with suicidal thoughts. We hold daily meetings at 4pm SLT.

suicide, mental illness, health, bipolar, schizophrenia, schizoaffective, ocd, add, adhd, did, borderline, ptsd, autism, aspergers, depression, anxiety, panic, agoraphobia, disabled, self harm, transgender, abuse, trauma, stress

Not the kind of thing you'd think random strangers should be invited to - right?

I had ignored it the first (few?) times, but this time I decided I was really tired of getting the invite and was hoping to stop it. After a sincere amount of work to contact Mr. DaxterALT, I sent him an IM.

[18:46] Deoridhe Quandry: This is the Second Time you have invited me to your Suicide Dreams group unsolicited. Please do not invite me again.
[18:47] Adam01 Daxter (Adam01DaxterALT): fku
[18:47] Deoridhe Quandry: Wow, rude.

Now, like most people, I assumed that the group leader or a Peer Advocacy and Support Group would like to know that one of his members was not only inviting people unsolicitedly and randomly, but also know that such a person was rather abruptly rude, so I wrote a notecard.

Dear Mr. Xthislife:

One of the members of your Suicide Dreams group has invited me to join it - unsolicited and without speaking to me first - at least two times. I contacted him to politely ask him to cease doing so, and he responded with "fku". I would expect, given the purpose you say this group has, that you would not like your members to be insulting people so directly, and so I am letting you know what happened.


Deoridhe Quandry

I got the following response:

[18:58] Xthislife: discardedand muted
[18:58] Xthislife: never read it

And then I was muted and blocked by him.

It's really amazing to me that a Peer Advocacy Group that advertises itself as a resource for people with a whole panoply of mental illnesses would be so incredibly, immediately, and unrepentantly rude to polite requests and responses. I really hope they aren't equally as rude to their members.

Locked Up / Breaking Free

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  1. It's not a real support group. Word is he's only looking for vulnerable people to exploit for money. Apparently heaps of people have been getting the same group invite spam.

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