Sunday, February 16, 2014

One Billion Rising in Second Life

Behind Bars

Second Life has four sims associated with the One Billion Rising movement, which is countering violence with dance, creativity, and coming together in joy on February 14 (March 8 in Canada out of respect for the Women's Memorial March there). Like Take Back the Night rallies, the attention is often on gathering in places women often feel marginalized or unsafe to support one another and share stories. The blog covers a lot of worldwide announcements of current and past events, and there is a world-wide map of future events along with information about how to organize an event in your area.

Sometimes All You Can Do is Dance

The Second Life version is two sims open just for a few days around February 14, with sections for each of the phases of One Billion Rising: Dance, Justice, Release, and Rise, and in the center is an enormous dance hall with a DJ booth at the center. The motif of the dancer and petals is reoccurring around, as is the pink and orange colors. People have created displays both directly related to the issue of women and violence, or of their usual style, which are placed all around the central dance section.I don't have the wherewithal now to express my reactions to some of these artworks; I've done the best to capture what I can in photographs.

Standing Rearguard

( More pictures here. )

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