Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tainted Love Hunt: Stops 41 to 61

Tainted Love Hunt Object

The Tainted Love Hunt, hosted by Woeful Wednesday, is a hunt for the darker side of the Second Life Valentine Soul - not the hearts and flowers and chocolates, sort, but rather the bleeding hearts, headless flowers, and ...well, chocolates still apply for this sort. It has Sixty One stops, which makes it manageable, and there is a hint page with SLurls for the stores, so if you get stuck you can move on. There are also sometimes men's and women's prizes, and I'll be dragging along a long-suffering male alt for the purpose of showing off the guy stuff in style. You're looking for a three dimensional heart (pictured above) and I'm planning on showing the prizes in sets of twenty so that I don't completely overwhelm myself.

Stops 1 to 20 -- Stops 21 to 40  -- Stops 41 to 61

Tainted Love Hunt 42 Soap Co
Wearable/Rezzable stalker bush and binoculars, bloodshot eyes and bloody tears, broken heart emitter

43. ~*Souzou Eien*~
What a lovely day at the beach.
Tainted Love Hunt 44 Rotten Inc
Poison vials and a note

45. Venomous Rage Designs (4 hearts)
1) My eyes hurt…..The Sun…. Its too Bright….
2) I know thousands of languages, many more retorts, I am the source of your wit, and the king of your voice. But betray me in anyway and I’ll make sure you’ll never speak again. Who am I?
3) Red Light, Green Light, Stop & Go. Are they on or are they off, You’ll never know.
Tainted Love Hunt 45 Venomous Rage Designs
Cupid's Hammer; Love Chest Piercings; 
Women's: Cleanup on Aisle 4 Men's: Eternal; Women's: Blutigen Vixion

46. MiChiGaNs ShAcK
Tainted Love Hunt 47 Violent Seduction

48. Redux!
My heart hasn’t gone off the rails yet…
Tainted Love Hunt 48 Redux
Little Whorehouse in Texas

49. Fallen Doll
Have a heart, there’s a jolly good chap!
Tainted Love Hunt 49 Fallen Doll
Tired Eyes Cosmetics

50. Kabuki Creations
Sneaking up behind you and giving you a firm spank on your tush while you are cooking.
Tainted Love Hunt 50 Kabuki Creations
Couples Pose "Seduction"

51. Squeek!
Some things are sour, some things are sweet, some things are sticky, and you shouldn’t eat them if you are picky.
Tainted Love Hunt 51 Squeek
Poison Bottle Wearable / Rezzable

52. Belle’s Cabinet of Curiosities
These toxic beauties are heart stoppers.
Tainted Love Hunt 52 Belle’s Cabinet of Curiosities
Belle's Cabinet "All in His Head" and "Stolen Heart"

53. DAARK (Skip for now)

54. Dark Water Designs
E.A.P. hid his heart within the walls, we went him one better.
Tainted Love Hunt 54 Dark Water Designs
Men's and Women's Clothing

55. AD Creations Doll House
Be careful, you may fall down stairs
Tainted Love Hunt 55 AD Creations Doll House
Mesh Collar / Mask

56. DramaZone
Be careful, a devil is near!
Tainted Love Hunt 56 DramaZone
Amor Ava Male and Female

57. Corvus
Tainted Love Hunt 57 Corvus
Mini Dress and Eye Tattoo

58. ::Gehenna::
Tainted Love Hunt 58 Gehenna
Women's: Home Wrecker T-Shirt and Mini Skirt; Men's: Heart Breaker

59. Entity
Tainted Love Hunt 59 Entity

60. Adoness
You might want to check the second floor.
Tainted Love Hunt 60 Adoness

61. **Myrai Style Fashion**
{Sweet Home}
Tainted Love Hunt 61 Myrai Style Fashion

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