Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Meme: Practical Jokes

I'm not a huge prankster, to be completely honest, and when I do prank I'm usually laughing to hard to remember to photograph it. I went through my "LOL" folder, though, and found a few highlights which go well back in time, all of them around fun times and prankish like things, so I thought I'd share for Strawberry's Prank Meme (honestly, I'm a little jealous she gets pranked as much as she does - it's kinda sweet; her reactions make it worthwhile, of course).

A Billboard with 'BASH was HERE. behold the glory, behold the grace, behold sexification' on it. Deoridhe Quandry, in a Teal Outfit with short teal and black hair is posed on one side gesturing upwards to the words, and a picture of Bash Quandry's offline butt is in the middle.

Early days on Second Life I had a friend who bought a Homestead island for a year and let us all play on it. We all set our homes there, rezzed all sorts of nonsense, and occasionally played pranks. This one was started by Bash Quandry, one of the few cousins I've met on Second Life; he built the bullboard so that we could see it from everywhere on the island. I added the picture of his butt which he had sent to us all no-transfer, and posed myself using some free poses. This was early on in photographe, too, and you can see my shiny freebie clothing as well.

A giant whale floats in the air with a pot of flowers next to it. A small figure of Deoridhe stands on top of the whale's head.

One time when I was clearing old landmarks, I found a whale. I also got kicked out of a few places (and later questioned as to why I was there by someone who was not pleased his home had been a store once), but I'm still glad for all of that because i found this amazing whale falling through the sky endlessly over Second Life, with a small bowl of flowers nearby. I was enormously fond of it, and while it's not a prank per se, let's call it an inside joke hidden on the grid.

Several people stand inside of a nearly clear box filled with a wide variety of textured balls, most of them variations on rainbows. Two of the people are inside larger balls, and one of the three is sitting on top of one of the larger balls.

One of the games I would sometimes play with my friends is building a giant ball pit, decorated with the best in rainbow balls of course, with all of them set to physical. The giant, physical ball is actually my favorite prank for afk people; I have moved people-in-balls all kinds of places, giggling the whole time, and usually they enjoy it too when they get back. I'll have to remember to take pictures next time we take someone afk for a walk in a giant ball - it's rather like being a hampster, really.

Bear, dressed all in black, stands on the slightly-reflective water inside of a ring of giant lollipop flowers.

I also sometimes decorate people, or build them cages. Bear went afk once for hours, and I ended up building a Bear Cage for him. Sadly, I think he logged before he ever saw it. Sadface, sadface. Now... I need to go read everyone else's posts to see what I should be doing in Second Life. Muahahahahahahahhaha.

( More pictures here. )


  1. (Laughing) Brilliant, especially the whale! I told my husband that, as we both love The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

  2. OMG, Zaara has trapped me in a similar ball just like that! LOL So that proves it, you're just as evil as her. :P

  3. I hope he got a good guffaw out of it, Harper. XD I giggled for a while. Sadly, my attempt to landmark it failed. 8(

    Strawberry - I will remember you said that if I ever find you afk on a land I can build on. >8D