Thursday, January 9, 2014

LEA 29

An Ascension To The 10th Dimension: Created by Tansee


Dates: January to June 2016

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Watercolors in the Rain: Created by mollie Tison, Surreal Skytower, Gearboxclock, 5abal, 55aaa Danick, DryadVixxie, darkangl Canis, and Anya Follet.
"This entire sim is loosely based on the real life novel, Watercolors in the Rain, written by David Lavigne. Working for months in conjunction with Mr. Lavigne, we feel we have created a unique and beautiful experience for the Second Life community to not only enjoy, but to interact and be a part of with the games, events and storytelling that have made this sim a true labor of love for all of us."
Dates: January to July 2015
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Untitled: Created by Mistero Hifeng
Benvenuto dove nessuno ti vuole bene, dove nessuno ti vuole male... Cammino e Vivo Capovolto -
Mistero Hifeng

[Google Translation]: Welcome where no one loves you, where nobody wants to hurt you... Way and Live Flipped - Mistero Hifeng


Dates: January to July 2015

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Sister Planet: Created by Kimika Yin
A work in progress. Sister Planet is a creation of Venus as a jungle planet as was commonly depicted in fiction. It exists in an alternate universe, circa 1940, in which the H.G.Wells invasion from Mars occured and set history on a difference course.

Dates: August to December 2014

HEARTSEED "pure": Created by Jedda Zenovka

Dates: February to June 2014

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Are there strangers among us?: Created by FreeWee Ling
Dates: January 2014
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Limina :: Birth of Mecha: Description of Exhibit
Dates: Sept 2012 - Feb 2013
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Set to Midnight: Created by typote Beck
Dates: May - August 2012
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  • Image by Simotron Aquila

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