Wednesday, January 8, 2014

LEA 28

5D: Created by Mandel Solano


Dates: January to June 2016

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Old Exhibits: 

The Art Farm Coop: Co-operative Art Creation
"The Art Farm vision is inspired by “last semester” (aka LEA AiR LG Round 8) at Medici University. A big philosophic change this time is that we’re not giving out Studios-Homes-Galleries the way MU did. That was great, but it led to a lot of people rezzing galleries and then leaving. At Art Farm it’s all about being present and participating!
Dates: August to December 2015
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Entropy II: Created byNaTaS Janus
Upcoming art projects by NaTaS Janus & Fiends.


Dates: January to July 2015

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The Time Machine: Created by Ais Aeon

Dates: August to December 2014

The Art of SodaGnome Machinima: Created by SodaGnome

Dates: February to June 2014

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AetherTrope. Questi&Discovolante, VanMoer, and Ren: A combination of several projects
Dates: January 2014

Cries and Whispers(?): Description of Exhibit
Dates: Sept 2012 - Feb 2013
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Pirates Art Gallery: Description of Exhibit
Dates: May - August 2012
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