Saturday, January 4, 2014

LEA 24

Dystopia: Created by Noke Yuitza
"All we have secrets… Some are nested in a corner of the stomach while others, however, yearn to be discovered and struggling to govern the mouths that hold them."

Dates: January to June 2016

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Old Exhibits: 

Borderlands: Created by Lemonodo Oh
... defining a three-dimensional study area of a coastal region in maps and translated it to 64 sq m meshes and flat prims ...

explorations, depictions
Dates: January to July 2015
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My Space: Created by Betty Tureaud
My Space can be your Space, come and enjoy  flying and falling in colors.
It's an interactive place where you can experience my way of space ;)
The installation music is composed by Ultraviolet Alter.
An art installation by Betty Tureaud.

Dates: August to December 2014

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Unnamed: Created by Sound Mind: A variety of displays

Dates: February to June 2014

Unnamed: Created by Emmo Wei - essentially a largely empty, sandy sim with items rezzed here and there.
Dates: January 2014

Mechanical Circus: Description of Exhibit
Dates: March - July 2013
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Extract / Insert:Was a collaboration between offline and online people.
Dates: Sept 2012 - Feb 2013
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Name of Exhibit: Creators from Caerlon Isle
Dates: May - August 2012
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