Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Twisted Color Challenge: Week 18 - Pine’s Dawn

The Shipride

How do we know we're right?

I've been thinking about that a lot today, in response to a new podcast I'm listening too, called Hardcore History. His most recent release - clocking in at over four hours - was about the Münster Rebellion, which was when a bunch of radical, communistic Anabaptist, fresh in the throes of the Reformation, took over the town of Münster and tries to create the kingdom of god on earth. A lot of their ideals seem very familiar to us today; equality for all people, sharing goods freely, voting for our own representatives in the government. Their intentions - the written ones - were good by modern standards, if somewhat terrifying by historical ones; equality is a very new concept, communistic sharing of goods is recognized but not valued by many people, and most people viewed with horror the idea of all people being equal, as each were born to a caste and the rulers should rule while the ruled should be ruled.

Münster went down in much the way other cults have gone down, like Jonestown or the Branch Davidians. Often, the roots of them are good, if fatalistic; eschatological obsession seems to be their greatest initial flaw. Peace, love, freedom, equality - all of these things are generally acknowledged to be positive, good things. Somehow, these groups form around these men, shifts come to the group and the men, and then it ends in fire and death; I feel a strong desire to understand these fatal flaws, to know why so many good intentions, so much of a desire to be right, leads to such darkness and evil. How do we know we're right? How can we recognize when we're wrong?

It Is to Laugh

I'm dressed up to match the MadPea Incan hunt this time, for the Pine's Dawn twisted color challenge. The pale color comes from my skin, a favorite from De La Soul, and my hair, a fantastic new release from Exile. The skin I've already gushed about; have I mentioned my love recently? Check out the butt on it; absolutely fantastic, and with the faintest hint of dimples. The hair is lovely and floofy, over the top enough to stand up to this fantastic dress release from Rue, which is now a collaboration between my favorite Ruina and Themis Enzo, late of Favole. The gown! The colors! The fit! My desire to squee and wriggle goes on and on! There are tons of colors available, though sadly my pocketbook - recently deflated from Fantasy Faire - was only big enough for two dresses. Woe, oh woe is me. I was able to find a color match for the greens in this fantastic set of nails from Orc Inc, which has quickly become one of my favorite nail shops. I was lured there by rainbow glitter, but the sparkles have kept me loyal and poor. I matched up the twisted colors in eyeshadow, from Elymode, and lips from Adore & Abhor. They're both staples of my inventory, go to cosmetics for my more complicated looks. Finally, my toes are covered - and made - by Felicity, in a color recently released at Steals and Deals. An up close picture is here, and you can see the delicacy of the design and the variety of textures.

Altar of Flowers

( More pictures here. )


Skin: De La Soul, Candace (promotional item)
Eyes: De La Soul, Rainbow (promotional item)
Ears: Illusions, Seelie Ears
Eyelashes 1: SLink, Mesh Lashes
Eyelashes 2: Flugeln Brise, 05-A
Eyeshadow: Elymode, brown and gold
Lipstick: Adore & Abhor, Lips Grass
Hair: Exile, Fire to the Rain
Wings: Fancy Fairy, Azarelle
Dress: Rue, Threads/Midnight Caress
Hands: SLink, Mesh Hands
Nails: Orc Inc, Glitterslash
Shoes: Felicity, Nadine (Steals & Deals, promotional)

Poses: !bang

Location: MadPea Incan Treasure Hunt Sim
Light Settings: Places Abracadabra3
Water Settings: Glassy

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping, only

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