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RFL: Zeus at Olympia


Zeus at Olympia (Teleport Point) is sponsored by Sonatta Morales *8* Vintage Couture.

This statue is forty-two feet tall (14 meters) tall and was carved around 430 B.C.E. by the Greek sculptor Phidias. It was created with gold and ivory panels over a wooden frame, showing Zeus sitting on a cedarwood throne. Contemporaries who saw it in person said it was as if the god existed on earth, and some claimed seeing it would cause one to forget all worries and concerns in the world. When asked what inspired him, Phidias quoted from the Iliad:
He spoke, the son of Cronos, and nodded his head with the dark brows,
and the immortally anointed hair of the great god
swept from his divine head, and all Olympos was shaken.
Unfortunately, the sculpture was destroyed around the fifth century C.E., so all we know about it is from contemporary descriptions and representations on coins. How it was destroyed is unclear, though there are multiple stories about its destruction, and the destruction of the temple it was housed in at the same time.

I'm really hoping this isn't a trend, because I found Zeus at Olympia extremely difficult to navigate. The stores are laid out as a grid, the first row along the path you enter into from Halicarnassus. The second two rows face each other behind the first one, though there are no roads per se, and flank a beautiful pool and what seemed to be an ancient dock with traditional boats facing the event pavilion in the middle. I ended up going up and down the rows once I figured out what was going on, but I really don't have a recommendation for the easiest way to cover everything without getting lost. Each store is lovely, though - designed with open wickerwork sides and flowers hanging down from above, they really are redolent of warm summers in Greece. The small arcade at the base of the hill is lovely, complete with a little market and places to recline and rest during the heat of the day. The staircase up to the temple of Zeus is toward the back of that initial arcade, and the temple - and sculpture - themselves are absolutely gorgeous, surrounded by amazingly textured walls and a beautifully tiled floor.


It was also difficult to find things which suited me in it! The trend of no demos continued, and a lot of the clothing was more modern than I prefer. I finally took a risk on a mesh outfit with no demo, and lucked out; one of the sizes fit me! Yay! I really like the sleeves of this dress by Drama Queens in particular, echoing the deep v front of the dress. The purple was the donation purchase, with a wide variety of other colors available underneath. I love the ruffly edges and how casual and flirty it is. The hair from Dura was also found on this sim, and I really liked the short, sassy style with the tinted ends in front. There are several RFL-only donation releases at Dura, so make sure to check them out. I'm reprising the cosmetics from Pin Me Down, this time in purple, and I really like the rich colors. You can see the full effect much better with this more windswept style from Dura.

Ready for Lunch

( More pictures here. )


Skin: De la Soul, Aestali - Cream Rose
Eyes: De La Soul, RooMee Eyes - Rainbow
Eyelashes 1: SLink, Mesh Lashes
Eyelashes 2: Flugeln Brise, 04-A
Eyeshadow: Pin Me Down, Nacre 3 (RFL Donation)
Lipstick: Mock, Bella Vetro Gloss - Apple Blossom
Hair: Dura, Fashion for Life Hair 3 (RFL Donation)
Wings: Fancy Fairy, Azarelle
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer, Wild Honey Purple (Arcade Prize)
Dress: Drama Queens, Bousey Dress Purple (RFL Donation)
Shoes: katat0nik, Souler Peep Toe Heels

Poses: !bang

Location: RFL: Zeus at Olympia
Light Settings: Phototools, Jessica Light 03
Water Settings: Phototools Ship Light

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping, only

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