Friday, March 8, 2013

Arcade Exhaustion

So, I finally made it to the Arcade....

Arcade Exhaustion

I got so much stuff I literally don't know what to do with myself. This is a fraction of my haul, and doesn't include any of the extras that I passed out to my exhausted and sometimes frightened friends list! I absolutely had to start with the Wild Rumpus Romper from Auxiliary, which I managed to trick into giving me every part of the Red Fox rare set! I have the tail, but its stuck under me. The wand in my hand came along with something, though.... I think the tail? I also landed two other rare heads, though I'm not sure what bodies go with the sheep and the panda! So confused. I need a written guide, or something. Since my red fox head lacked a paper crown, I made up for it with one of the millions of gorgeous ones from Boom. I don't have enough words for how much I love these crowns - I ended up picking up almost all the colors I was missing (except for the rares, of course) at the wide variety of yardsales out and about the grid.

I had never seen BCC's cosmetics before, but I got a bunch of really cute colors. I'm not quite sure they suit my face, but I have some alts to pass them off to where it would be perfect! The fan in my hands is from another new-to-me store, Shakeup; I ended up with a half dozen of these, and they're really cute. They have an animation included, but you can over-ride it, which is why I'm all slumped and exhausted! Finally, the cute animals laying all over me are from D Lab, which is known for it's adorable little toys. As an added bonus - when you click them, they begin to move! It is totally adorable in person. Totally. I tucked these slippers from Conspiracy Theory on my toes to round out the romper, and I really think their fluffy cuteness is awesome and fits my general comfortable outlook.

It was hard to decide what I wanted to be surrounded by, but I started with a small army of cupcakes from Half-Deer marching across my unconscious body. Half-Deer also released antlers (why did I not get the pink rare? Why? WHY????) but I'm not wearing any in this picture. I also set out a couple of the adorable jars from Pixel Mode, which are dedicated to various self-care things. I will admit I actually bought extra of these after I got the rainbow one because I wanted to have them on hand for when my friends had a hard day. The Schadenfreude octopus Tea Set was another set where I cried for rares - the tray and an adorable risen tray of cakes both eluded my grasp, and I simply couldn't keep sending money down her adorable, wonderful, gullet. I landed the bear from Sway I wanted right out of the gate, though! Second play, rainbow bear! The Gatchas LOVE me! The Contraption Gatcha was more elusive, though; I landed one of the rares, but frankly the standard music boxes are so awesome I don't mind at all. That gatcha also has some special thing - I saw it for sale for 2.5K at a yard sale, though I have no idea what it is!

A number of the gatcha prizes also seemed to be harkening back to where I first met gatcha, which was on Japanese language sims. Standby's Bento Boxes were among my favorites of this round of the Arcade; I love how they are whimsical and delicious looking. I taunted a friend when I landed the sake one, but I have to admit I adore every one I got! (Unfortunately, I couldn't find a landmark for Standby's store in either the uploading account, or the account it directed me to, or search, so sorry!) Loft's fantastic dolls in kimonos simply charmed me, and I walked away with a bunch of them, but unlike some of the "collect the whole set" ones, it was relatively easy to not pick up a million extras. The Tres Blah tea set was really adorable, and while I think I'm missing half the pieces, it's so pretty I just love it. I did manage to land a tray of macarons, though, which makes me happy since I can make them offline! I was more unsure about Trompe Loeil's lamps, but the price was so right and I walked away with a couple of awesome ones. I don't have much land, but it will be difficult to resist keeping these in my inventory! I landed this adorable and brilliantly colored poof from Apple Fall, which really made me smile when I rezzed it. I love the bright patterns! Set on top of it is a bit of soft ice cream made by Tee*fy for me, and I think I'll end this extended monologue to reward myself for a hard day's work!


Skin: De la Soul, Aestali - Cream Rose
Eyes: De La Soul, RooMee Eyes - Rainbow
Eyelashes 1: SLink, Mesh Lashes
Eyelashes 2: Flugeln Brise, 04-A
Lipstick: BCC, Rarara Lip Tattoo (Gatcha Prize)
Hair: Wasabi Pills, Kiki Hair
Crown: Boom, Nature's Crown (Gatcha Prize)
Wings: Fancy Fairy, Azarelle
Pyjamas: Aux, Wild Rumpus Romper - Red Fox (Gatcha Prize)
Clinging Animals: D Lab, Fox & Lop Ear &  Rabbit (Gatcha Prize)
Fan: Shakeup, Arcade Fan Hydrangea (Gatcha Prize)
Slippers: Conspiracy Theory, Teddy Slipper (Gatcha Prize)

Pose: Long Awkward Pose, Broken Puppet 6

Gatcha Prizes: Half-Deer (cupcakes), Pixel Mode (jars of goodness), Schadenfreude (Octopus Tea Set), Sway (Bear), Contraption (Music Box), Standby (Animal Bento Boxes), Loft (Japanese Dolls), Tres Blah (Flower Tea Set), Trompe Loeil (lamp), Apple Fall (Poof), Tee*fy (Ice cream)

Light Settings: Annan Adored Optima

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping, only

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