Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Monday Meme: My Seven SL Facts Meme

Love is Blindness

So, I'm hitching my wagon to the train started by Strawberry Singh, listing a few facts about myself in Second Life which might be unknown or surprising.

1. Deoridhe Quandry is my second account. The first time I joined Second Life, in 2006, I lasted for less than a day. I did manage to try to make long hair, though, and my own dress using one of the water textures. I couldn't figure out how to do anything, and was too shy to approach anyone, and so I quit. When I joined again in 2008, I was shown around by a friend and lasted a little longer. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I stuck around in 2006.

2. I spent my first year or two as a resident at Lico Lico. Due to the bug where the first place you teleported became your home, I literally had my home set there when a friend sent me a limo to join her. It had several camping chairs and I spent hours sitting on them to get some gorgeous Lico Lico clothing, and I used to unpack my boxes on the roof of one of the floors. That started a secondlifelong habit of freebie hunting, though now I put more money into Second Life.

3. My addiction to freebies did, in fact, extend to making an alt for every letter of the alphabet. I slipped in under the wire for last names with all of them, managing to use one of the special websites which allowed last names after last names were ended. That website has since closed, which makes me sad but not surprised. One of my alts got yelled at by a stranger due to using this work around. I also have six Deoridhe's, including my first one - Starr. Each of them have a different standard skin tone and hair tone but the same shape. Deoridhe Starr is a lighter version of Deoridhe Quandry and is human, where Deoridhe Quandry is a faerie. I've been considering making one of the Deoridhe's a petite for a while, but it may end up being one of my letter alts - all of which also have a theme and a look.

4. I am really insecure about whether people like me or not. I often act like I'm not, but really I wonder if anyone would notice if I vanished. I have a couple of people who continuously reassure me by there mere presence, and I deeply appreciate their love. I'd love to have a larger readership with people who commented on my blog, and sometimes contemplate doing silly things to accomplish that end, but I'm too scattered to organize things and somewhat convinced people would be more likely to hate me than want to be around me if I start shilling for attention. 

5. I love drama. I joined plurk primarily to try to figure out the drama behind SL Secrets, but have been mostly stymied. I find how people interact with each other, what we become upset about, and how different issues are resolved in a community endlessly fascinating. I also find how different people are really charming. I think most people are like me, but too embarrassed to admit it; my 'How NOT to...' series is my most popular next to hunt pictures, though it doesn't bring me any sustained traffic.

A Little Attitude with my Cute

6. I've only been banned from one place, and it was a mistake. I ghosted there after my browser crashed, and was subsequently banned. I live in fear of being banned from places, though, and I will often not be completely honest in my blog due to that fear. I have gotten at least one person banned from two places due to mistreating me, and remain smugly amused by that. This probably makes me a not exactly nice person.

7. I'm a total secret fangirl of a lot of people. There are several people on my blogroll where I squee every time they talk to me, which is not often. I'm also a creator fangirl to the extreme, though I hide it well! I sometimes daydream about doing things to get their attention, but I know way too well how creepy that can come off. I had fangirls and boys in Falln Angel Creation's chat, including one really creepy one, and I still have a bit of a reputation among older members of the chat (though it's really quiet now). Back in the day, I would engage in elaborate roleplays with other people who played with me, including being transformed into a chipmunk and having over fifteen children with Azriel, the store owner (who had become a personal friend by then). Now and then I'll try to start some playing, but no one in the chat ever seems to engage for long, which is a total shame since I really enjoyed that.  sometimes think about trying similar things in other chats, but they seem a lot less playful and a lot more conversational, so I never do.

Bonus three, because I forgot it was seven partway thought!

8. I make all of my own shapes, including for my innumerable alts. I aim for different effects with them, and am planning one of the "uglycute" unicorn riders for one because I want to see if I can do it. I am very attached to my shape and freaked out when I tried the mesh head. I love SLink's hands, but I wish she would make other hand types so that I could match my avatar's hands to mine. My avatar is the same height as I am offline, but she has cooler clothes.

9. I still get embarrassed about nudity in Second Life, despite it not being "real." An ongoing joke with one of my friends is him doing panty checks on me; one time he caught me without panties and sent me a picture and I almost died! For a very long time I changed inside a one-way changing planet so that I could see if anyone was approaching and get dressed before they got near me. Now I change so high up in the air that no one can easily see me, which is its own reassurance. I wish nudity wasn't so common in Second Life, as well, because I think it really removes the punch of wearing something teasing or sexy when the baseline is barely-a-skirt and a bra.

10. I'm very judgmental about shapes in Second Life. I find the spider-leg, t-rex arms avatars common in fashionable circles deeply disturbing. I find some instances of the frowny-faced, squinty-eyed, unicorn riders almost charming in their ugliness, but most examples of it just look like the person's taste is questionable. Size eleven, barrel chested, pin-headed males make me giggle, especially since they often seem to think that I should find them irresistible despite the fact I favor slim, gothic or alternative men.


( More personal favorites here. )


  1. Oh we got a bonus 3 from you! LOL In regards to number 4, I think we all have that insecurity about people liking us. I think we all want to be liked and respected. I too get those thoughts at times wondering if I just disappeared would anyone even notice? But I also believe that each one of us has a certain reason for being and we all have an impact on people's lives, even if we don't notice it.

    Anyhow, I'm getting all philosophical! LOL Thanks for participating, it was great to read more about you. <3

  2. I second Berry's comments :)

    I love having you in my SL life, Deoridhe, even if it's only from a distance (blog and plurk, mainly). You are one of the most interesting people I've come across, which is something I value highly. And I love reading these little insights into who you are :D

    (and thanks for the reminder. I've been meaning to update my 16 things for a while!)

  3. Wai~! Two of my crushes~! *flails, runs around looking flustered and trying to brush her hair*

    I mean, um.... Hi! 8D 8D 8D

    I know we're all insecure, but that's a lot harder to remember when I admire someone, I find! I always seem to think, "They are SO AWESOME! They have to know that!"

    *flails more & offers tea*

    I like having you in my SLife, too, Sunshine! One of the things I love about blogging is when cool people talk to me. It makes me all fluttery.

    Also, yay sixteen things!!

  4. LOL on 3 and 8, they sound like my heart calling. (Except the height thing. I avoid looking at heights because I seem to be getting shorter each year in RL.)

  5. 8D I love the differences and similarities in everyone's responses! Thanks for stopping by, Tashi.