Friday, November 9, 2012

2012 Color Challenge: Week 45 - Bittersweet

Rising Mist in the Sky

None of my outfits are called Bittersweet, but I think I matched the color pretty well! I actually started full sized, then remembered one of Skinthesis' Flights petites I had gotten at the fantasy faire, and that the dress I was wearing from Evie's Closet came in a petite size, and I simply couldn't resist going tiny once more. The green of the dress is echoed in the butterfly - this is the Monarch one but it comes with five different shades - which I thought was a nice effect. Setting up a look around a color is really an area of strength for me, but even this week I struggled - orange is my least favorite color, and this was an odd pinky-orange shade which very few people make. The hair was the final holdout, but luckily Alice Project's fatpack gives me shades of red. I'm not regretting passing up on her limited edition flamingo color set for Collobor88, though! I had seriously considered it at the time, and I think the pinky-orange of Bittersweet was better matched from that set, but a highlighted red works out well enough. I thought finding a place for pictures would be even harder, but when I saw the name claudia222 I had high hopes, and when I teleported to Mesh Mellows I was hooked. Like a lot of her art, this is bigger than it first appears; the tiny island exists as a starting point to a hundred other views I could insinuate myself into even easier than usual, since I was so tiny. I adored in particular being one of a flock of tiny, orange birds which made up the better part of hair and clothing for a woman frozen in time.


One thing I noticed this time in particular as well, claudia222's art is always full of faces - most of them female but with the occasional male - something else which simply makes my own face and body fit in, albeit as much less Gigerific. Her art is always such a mix of the beautiful and the disturbing that I find myself lingering, time and again, watching the tiny movements of figures and the flexing of aspects of their body without being able to look away. The tiny insertions of normalcy - an old fashioned car, a Victorian house - just seem to highlight the bizarity of the trees and watching faces even more. While there, try to sit on things. I ended up riding around a rather charmingly disturbing vehicle, dangled beneath an enormous bee, but I'm not sure exactly what I sat on to get there! You can also fly about on your own, but somehow the vehicle makes it even more engaging. I'm not sure I actually reached the top of it - I know I didn't in this set of pictures but I kept going afterward. claudia222 is always good for hiding things and making you hunt, though - and it's always worth the effort. I don't know how she does it, but I'm content to watch until I figure it out!


( More pictures here. )


Body: Skinthesis, Flights - Persimmon (promotional item)
Eyes: Skinthesis, Dollie - Salmon (promotional item)
Hair: Alice Project, Petite Namie
Outfit: Evie's Closet, Bugaboo Fairy - Orange Sorbet
Jewelry: Elemental, Moonglow

Pose: Glitterati

Location: Mesh Mellows
Light Settings: TOR, FOGGY Chouchou Rockets
Water Settings: Mirror Water

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping, only

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